AOT Compilation
Has Arrived to Java 8

Use Excelsior JET 11 to compile your Java 8 and JavaFX 8 applications into native Windows, OS X, and Linux binaries.

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We make high performance, spec-compliant Java™ SE implementations for desktop, server, and embedded environments, and provide consulting services.

Excelsior JET 11 Released With Java SE 8 and JavaFX 8 Support
At last, we are back on the current major version of Java again.
Excelsior Goes Open Source
Do not worry just yet, we are not open sourcing Excelsior JET as the last act of goodwill before shutting down the company. Excelsior is alive and kicking and our main product remains fully supported closed source.

Excelsior JET
Certified Java SE JVM with a static (AOT) compiler and deployment toolkit

Accelerate and protect your desktop and server Java applications. Deploy without dependency on the JRE.

Use the most secure environment for running Eclipse RCP applications and Tomcat Web applications.

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Excelsior JET Embedded
High performance, small footprint Java SE Embedded solution

Leverage the most powerful version of the Java technology in your embedded devices with minimum overheads.

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Excelsior Delivery
Easy-to-use setup authoring tool for Windows

Create installation packages for your Windows applications, export to MSI or NSIS.

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Excelsior Installer FREE
Simple installer generator for Windows apps

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Family of Modula-2/Oberon-2 compilers and "via C" cross-compilers

Optimise your Modula-2/Oberon-2 programs for Windows and Linux/x86, or use a "via C" cross-compiler to target other platforms.

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Custom Compilers And Tools

From optimizing compilers to debuggers to profilers to complete custom-built IDEs, we create quality tools for all stages of software development and maintenance.


JVM Porting/Optimization

As an Oracle Java Licensee, we can help you Java-enable your hardware/OS, implement specific JSRs, or extend/tune a Java implementation for your specific application domain.


Legacy Code Solutions

Whether you need to translate your legacy sources from an obsolete programming language to a mainstream one, migrate existing applications to a new platform, or integrate them into a modern environment, we can supply custom tools that would automate most of the work.


Java Consulting

First-hand experience developing commercial software using Java SE/EE, JBoss, Tomcat, Spring, Hadoop, Lucene, Elasticsearch, MySQL, HTML5, and other modern technologies.


Algorithm-Intensive Applications Development

Speaking the language of scientists and engineers, we can help your problem domain experts convert their ideas to industrial-grade software.


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