64-bit Excelsior JET at the Halfway Point

At large, any modern JVM is a suite of compilers and/or interperters that, in co-operation with the run-time system, provide:

  • Threading and synchronization
  • Object allocation
  • Call stack scanning and exception handling
  • Implementation of the Java Native Interface
  • Garbage Collection
  • Classloading

Where is 64-bit Excelsior JET now?

It is at the halfway point. By this time, we have fully implemented threading and synchronization, object allocation, call stack scanning, and exception handling. Also, a good part of JNI interface has been completed. Garbage collector and classloading are in the works.

What is next?

Now, we start so called “enabling”, that is, making non-trivial Java applications work.

When will first results be seen?

Stay with us, we will get back to you on this a bit later.

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