64-bit Excelsior JET: Striding from HelloWorld to SwingSet2

Excelsior JET for 64-bit Windows is now able to compile and run Java GUI applications based on Swing or SWT.

Our test suite includes, in particular, Java2Demo and SwingSet2 demos from the standard JDK samples, and SWT Paint Tool from Eclipse SWT examples.

Internally, the Garbage Collector is functionally complete but its throughput and memory footprint are yet to be optimized. Components-in-the-works are runtime support for dynamic classloading and the optimizing compiler.

Excelsior JET 8.0 Alpha 2 for Windows will be published soon.

Categories: 64-bit, Excelsior JET

3 Responses

  1. AGP Says:

    Awesome, thanks a lot for the update! Can’t wait.

  2. Adritomi Says:

    If you believe that IDEA is just keepnig up the pace with Eclipse, I would like to hear your thoughts on what makes eclipse better than IDEA? If you were to choose one and they were both free, which would you choose and why?

  3. Dmitry Leskov Says:

    We use both Eclipse and IDEA CE, whichever best helps a particular person do a particular job.