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64-bit Excelsior JET: Alpha 4 Available

Update: The latest early access build is now Beta 3.

Big news in the fourth alpha: we have integrated the JIT compiler into Excelsior JET Runtime, so dynamic class loading is now supported!

Note: The optimizing compiler is not available in this alpha, so no need to report poor performance — it is expected. At this point we are most interested to hear about defects and failures.

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3 Responses

  1. TSJ Says:

    Is there a specific place we should give feedback on the compiler?

  2. Dmitry Leskov Says:

    The best option is to email java at You may also leave comments in the blog, but we do moderation somewhat less frequently than desirable.

  3. AGP Says:

    Even just typing jc =help produces on Windows 7 Ultimate x64:
    Excelsior JET v8.0 alpha 4 Enterprise Edition (c) Excelsior 1997,2011
    Active Java SE Version 1.6.0_33 (profile 33)

    | Sorry, this is a crash in compiler v8.0 alpha 4 Enterprise Edition
    | |
    | If possible, send us the class files which JET is not able to compile |
    | (so-called problem classes). NOTE that all non-standard classes refered by |
    | the problem classes should be included as well. |
    | Please also attach the project file you use (if any). |
    | |
    | Report which of bytecode compilers you use. |
    | |
    | We *do* guarantee that your class files will be used solely |
    | for JET debugging purposes. |
    | As soon as the problem is fixed, we shall immediately destroy all copies of|
    | your class files in our possession. |
    | |
    | JET support can be reached at |
    * [ ***.01 F450 ]
    * compilation aborted: java.lang.Error: not implemented
    at com.excelsior.o2j.compiler.PortableProgExecModule.Execute(PortablePro
    at com.excelsior.o2j.compiler.xmModule.Help(xmModule.class:0)
    at com.excelsior.o2j.compiler.xmModule.Do(xmModule.class:0)
    at com.excelsior.o2j.compiler.xmModule._begin(xmModule.class:0)
    at com.excelsior.o2j.compiler.Main.main(Main.class:0)

    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.Error: HALT
    at com.excelsior.o2j.compiler.xmErrorsModule$Errors.PrintMsg(xmErrorsMod
    at com.excelsior.o2j.compiler.xmErrorsModule.PrintSorry(xmErrorsModule.c
    at com.excelsior.o2j.compiler.xmModule._begin(xmModule.class:0)
    at com.excelsior.o2j.compiler.Main.main(Main.class:0)

    When I try to actually run it on my .prj file, it tells me Global Optimizer not implemented ( -optimize=autodetect on my .prj).