Excelsior JET 8.0: Side Effects for 32-Bit Apps

On the long way to the 64‑bit version, we have made a number of platform-independent improvements to our product core. Even though the 32‑bit Excelsior JET 8.0 will be functionally equivalent to version 7.6, it will have a substantially re‑worked memory management subsystem under the hood.

Compared to the current version, 32-bit Excelsior JET 8.0 will deliver:

  • 15-20% speedup of memory intensive applications,
  • 10-50% shorter GC pauses, and
  • much less (unexpected) OutOfMemoryErrors

on both Windows and Linux.

We have also fixed some of the sporadic access violation crashes (TRAP#3, TRAP#17), except for those provoked by JNI misuses in third-party components (cannot do much about that really.)

There is one known regression: the Fast JIT Compiler is not so fast now, with compilation time increased by 25% on average. Otherwise, we expect the 32‑bit executables produced by Excelsior JET 8.0 to be faster and more robust compared to what the previous generation was capable of.

If you are currently using Excelsior JET 7.6 or an earlier version: does the above sound like a compelling reason to upgrade? Welcome to comments.

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4 Responses

  1. Simon Says:

    Sure, sounds awesome! Especially the shorter GC pauses are important for our use-case.

  2. Igor Savin Says:

    Given that JDK6 support is officially not being supported anymore, faster migration to JDK7 would be a much more compelling reason to upgrade…

  3. Dmitry Leskov Says:

    We know, Igor. We know.



  4. Igor Savin Says:

    Waiting eagerly!