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Page titles similar to the subject of this post pop up in my Google Alerts quite often, usually peaking a couple of weeks after a new version release. Given that we have not had fraudulent purchases for quite some time, it made me think that one or more of our paying customers may be leaking their free upgrades, whether deliberately or not.

However, I have changed my mind after visiting a few of those pages. Most of the torrents and “full version” downloads had the size of 10MB or so, whereas the real Excelsior JET 7.2 setup files are between 63 and 77 megabytes! So either the pirates have repackaged the stolen copy using a compression algorithm seven times more effective than LZMA, or the files in question contain 10 megabytes of the newest hi-grade malware.

An inventor of such a powerful data compression algorithm could patent it and make millions, or place it into the public domain and become famous, so I rule out the first option. Which means that people downloading all those files are getting craploads of malware onto their PCs instead of and under the name of our product.

We understand that our product is expensive, and that there are many people who could benefit from it but cannot afford it. That is why we have set up two licensing programs:

  • To independent professionals, early stage startups, microISVs, and other very small businesses that want to use Excelsior JET commercially, we offer substantial discounts under the Microbusiness Licensing Program.
  • Anyone who wants to use Excelsior JET in a public non-commercial project can apply for a free license

If neither option works for you, well, the best we can do is publish the correct file sizes and checksums for the latest Excelsior JET 7.2 suggest that you check the signature before installing any such “full version” download.

Take care.

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