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Simulin And UMHDL: Free Tools for Teaching And Learning Hardware Design

The early adopters of the OS X version of Excelsior JET are starting to publish their natively compiled Java apps.

Professor Pedro Pablo Garrido Abenza teaches Advanced Programming and Computer Technology at Miguel Hernandez University in Spain. Over the years, he created and refined two educational tools that are used by students taking the CT course:

SimulĂ­n, a digital circuit simulator,

and UMHDL, an open-source IDE for learning VHDL.

Both applications are written in Java, and Prof. Garrido has been using Excelsior JET since 2008 to compile and package them as native binaries for Windows and Linux. Now he has OS X versions available too.

Simulin and UMHDL binaries are freely available for download. If you teach, or want to learn, hardware design, check them out! (UMHDL is open source, so you can modify and extend it as you please.)

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