Excelsior JET 6.5 beta 3 is out

With release of version 6.5, Excelsior JET will become the first Java implementation that supports the OSGi runtime core at the JVM level. In particular, it will enable you to protect Eclipse RCP applications from reverse engineering and tampering.

In addition to the VM engineering, we also strive to make Excelsior JET easy to use for natively compiling RCP applications. Excelsior JET 6.5 beta 3 adds support for Eclipse RCP applications to the JET Control Panel, a GUI wizard for quick setup of Excelsior JET projects. As a side effect , this beta also includes a “bonus track”: consistency checks for RCP applications.

Here is the entire what’s new list for beta 3:

Eclipse RCP Support

  • JET Control Panel now provides GUI for compiling RCP applications
  • Numerous bug fixes and overall stability improvements
  • Over 98% of Eclipse Unit Tests have passed on the compiled Eclipse IDE

Scalability improvements

Compiling large applications takes less time and memory


The Welcome screen added to the JET Control Panel enables faster creation of the projects for specific types of applications

Two RCP applications

compiled with Excelsior JET 6.5 beta 3 are also available for download.

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