Excelsior JET Maven and Gradle Plugins Release Candidates

We have updated Excelsior JET Maven and Gradle plugins to version 0.9.5. Here is what they now enable you to do:

  • Add separate files/folders to the package
  • Fully configure Excelsior Installer:

    • set installation wizard language
    • remove all files on uninstall
    • run an executable after installation
    • control installation package compression
    • change installation directory defaults
    • customize the registry key used for installation on Windows
    • add shortcuts to the Windows Start menu, Desktop, etc.
    • suppress the default post-install action
    • configure custom post-install actions
    • create file associations
    • specify install/uninstall callback dynamic libraries
    • customize the (un)installer appearance
  • Allow the user to change the Tomcat port at install time

Feature Freeze

The plugins now support all features accessible via the graphical interfaces (JET Control Panel and JetPackII), with three exceptions:

  1. Eclipse RCP support, because the Eclipse Tycho Maven Plugin graduated the incubation stage just a few days ago. We may support it in the future if there will be enough demand. As for Gradle, there is no such plugin in sight.
  2. Application update packaging, because we plan to overhaul that feature completely in the mid-term future.
  3. Localization of the Excelsior Installer wizard, because we have not yet found an easy-to-use way to configure it from the plugin.

There will be no more features added before the 1.0 release, so you can think of 0.9.5 as a Release Candidate. It is therefore a perfect time now to report any issues that you may have spotted in the plugins previously, but had no time to report back then. (Please check that they are still present in 0.9.5 before reporting.)

Future Plans

We have just a couple of items left on the plugins roadmap. What is interesting is that they are not among the current product features:

  • Multi-component support: building dependencies into separate native libraries to reuse them across multiple builds so as to reduce the overall compilation time, and
  • Code signing

However, please note that the development of the plugins will likely pause for a few weeks or months due to a priority shift. In the meantime, you are welcome to request other features.

Excelsior JET Maven Plugin:
Home page | on GitHub | on Maven Central

Excelsior JET Gradle Plugin:
Home page | on GitHub | on Maven Central

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