Java vs. C Benchmark: Excelsior JET 6.4 Scores an Equalizer

Thanks to the application performance improvements in Excelsior JET 6.4, a draw has been declared in the latest round of Java vs. C benchmarking conducted by Stefan Krause.

The C team: GCC 4.2.3, LLVM 2.3

The Java team: Sun JDK 6 Update 2 and 6, IBM JDK 5 and 6, Excelsior JET 6.0 and 6.4, Apache Harmony M6

The last diagram is an attempt to summarize the results. I decided to compute for each benchmark the ratio of each compiler/JVM to the fastest competitor and take the geometric average of those figures. The results back quite nicely my feeling about their performance.

Java vs. Benchmark Composite Score

* Unsurprisingly GCC is fastest.
* Surprisingly it is followed very, very closely by JET 6.4, which delivers the best java performance.

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