The Number of Garbage Collectors in Excelsior JET Is About to Double

Over the years, Sun and Oracle engineers have developed so many different garbage collection techniques for the HotSpot VMs — from Uniprocessor Train GC algorithm to Parallel Scavenge to (incremental) Concurrent Mark Sweep to Garbage First — that Oracle had to deprecate certain combinations in Java 8 and will remove them in Java 9. And all these techniques have dozens of tuning options.

Meanwhile, our Excelsior JET JVM have always had a single hybrid garbage collector, roughly defined as incremental concurrent-mark parallel-sweep compact. We've also deliberately kept the number of tuning options to a minimum. Customers can attest that our approach is good enough for many real-world scenarios, and appreciate the simplicity of configuring our GC.

The above does not mean we have not been working on anything better. The number of available garbage collectors will double in Excelsior JET 10.5, to be released in early February.

Meet the CoreBalance™ Garbage Collector

We have designed the all-new CoreBalance™ GC from the ground up to utilize multi-core CPUs. The result is shorter “stop-the-world” pauses and overall reduction of garbage collection overhead:

We have posted a public beta of Excelsior JET 10.5 to our web site today, so you can try out the new GC.

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