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Excelsior JET for OS X: “Hello, World!” Runs

A short update on our progress:

  • Bought some Apple hardware (no unboxing video, sorry.)
  • Set up our build and test systems on OS X, ensured that all tests pass on the Oracle JRE.
  • Ported the linker (xlink) to OS X and added support for the Mach-O executable format to it.
  • WORA in action! The new, 64-bit Excelsior JET compiler is written in Java and Scala*, so it runs on the Oracle JRE just fine.
  • Ported the startup code.
  • Replaced with stubs the platform-specific pieces of Excelsior JET Runtime that we write for each target platform ourselves.
  • Built a profile.
  • Replaced enough of the said stubs with actual implementations for “Hello, world” to work.

Stay tuned!

* The old 32-bit compiler is written in Oberon-2.

A profile is a set of Excelsior JET Runtime files (precompiled platform API classes, native libraries, resource files, etc.) for a specific Java version, such as Java SE 7 Update 40.

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