Excelsior JET Roadmap Update – Mar 2014

TL/DR: OS X support in September, Java 8 has to wait until 2015, next target Linux/ARM.

If the recent announcement of OS X support has left you wondering what else the future holds for Excelsior JET, here is our vision as of March 2014:

  • There will be no support for Java 8 until Spring 2015. Implementing the new JVM features correctly and efficiently is a lot of engineering work, and there are quite a few important improvements outside the JVM that we also want to support, such as Compact Profiles.
  • Our focus will be primarily on the 64‑bit version. This concerns both application performance and enabling the features that have not been ported from the 32‑bit version yet.
  • The next platform after OS X that Excelsior JET will support is Linux/ARM.

For more detailed and up-to-date information, please refer to the Excelsior JET Roadmap.

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