Sponsored Project: SimuLab Flight Simulator

We have donated free Excelsior JET licenses to the SimuLab project, aimed at creating an open source flight simulator. They were apparently impressed by the performance of the native build:

  1. CPU peaks (highest cycle consumption): JRE 62%, JET 53%
  2. Memory: JRE 227MB, JET 133MB (highlighting mine – DL)
  3. Startup: not measured but JET outperformed the JRE BY FAR as expected.

If you are passionate about flight simulators and Java, check out SimuLab and consider contributing some of your spare time or money (does anyone in today’s world still have any of these?)

If you are already working on an interesting non-commercial Java app and feel that the use of Excelsior JET might benefit its end users, feel free to apply for a free license.

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