Comparative Study of Java Startup Time

The recently issued Excelsior JET 7.2 was, in essence, a maintenance release, because the Excelsior Java team is now mostly focused on the development of the 64-bit version of Excelsior JET. Nevertheless we have managed to include one major feature in this release – Startup Accelerator.

Combined with Startup Optimizer available in previous versions of Excelsior JET, it delivers a noticeable improvement in Java applications startup time. We have prepared a short comparative study backing this statement:

Java vs Native vs Optimized Java

The following startup time comparison includes different RSS feed readers: two native Windows applications (FeedDemon and FeedReader) and one implemented in Java (RSSOwl). The latter was run on the standard JRE 1.6.0_20 and then compiled with Excelsior JET 7.2 Professional Edition/profile 1.6.0_20.

These applications were run on a mid-range laptop (dual-core ULV Intel Celeron SU2300, 2GB RAM), and their warm and cold startup times measured as the time to fully display the main window.

As you can see, the RSSOwl application optimized with Excelsior JET starts:

  • 2x to 3x faster than on the JRE
  • about as fast as the similar native applications


Java Startup Time solution page: optimization guidelines, FAQ

Excelsior JET: product info

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