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Breaking Merger

Just as our CTO predicted back in April, the Oracle-Sun deal has started to break third-party Java code.

broken chainA piece of Java software no less than Eclipse has stopped working on the latest Java SE 6u21 under Windows, thanks to Oracle changing the COMPANY_NAME field in java.dll version information to, well, “Oracle Corporation”. (If you want the details, Alex Blewitt at InfoQ has compiled the respective links into a story.)

It is interesting to note that Oracle developers did not change the value of the java.vm.vendor property in Update 21, as if they knew that would break many more apps.

There must be more than a handful of legacy components with JVM-dependent behavior in thousands of legacy applications deployed. Given that Oracle owns two JVMs now – HotSpot and JRockit, and had developed its own JVM in the past, this is yet another reason for those applications to never move to the latest Java version.

Who said “WORA”?

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