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CERT Secure Coding Standard for Java: Theory and Practice

The CERT Secure Coding Standard for Java is a comprehensive set of rules and recommendations for writing secure Java applications. If you care about the security of Java code that you write, make sure to check it out (the C Secure Coding Standard has already made it into a book, and its C++ sibling is in progress, just in case.)

In practice, however, developers that read secure coding guidelines or best practices documents mostly apply the new knowledge to their future work. In the best case, they may have the time to review the code they have written recently. And even then, their now-more-secure code may be just a tiny portion of a large enterprise application combining lots of legacy stuff with code written in other departments, commercial components, etc., running on top of an open-source framework inside a proprietary container.

Even with the help of static code analysis tools, the costs of discovering and eliminating all the security vulnerabilities in such an application may be prohibitive. However, the costs of reducing their exposure may be acceptable. But why is the level of such exposure so high for Java apps in the first place?

For further discussion, continue to my article “Protect Your Java Code – Through Obfuscation And Beyond“.

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