Final Results of Our 2012 Charity Program

Late in October 2012, we have introduced Excelsior JET Charity Bundles. A $10 Charity Bundle essentially included two things:

  • A free Excelsior JET license (Standard Edition w/o support)
  • Our promise to donate $10 to the Gift of Life foundation, which helps Russian children and young adults whose families cannot afford treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

We thought that we should be able to raise $1,000 by the end of 2012, but I am very pleased to report that the actual results have exceeded that estimate almost six times:

In 70 days, 325 people and companies from 50 countries
have purchased $5,690 worth of Charity Bundles.

Should you be wondering about the discrepancy between the numbers above, Excelsior JET for Windows and Linux are two separate products, so a number of people went for the dual-platform $20 bundle. On top of that, some bought two or three bundles, with the largest order from a newly established US company totaling $120. Here is what this campaign’s most generous donor had to say:

We thank Excelsior for giving us (Polyphem, Inc.) a great opportunity to make a small contribution to a charity initiative we believe in and at the same time to let us discover their JET technology at a very low cost.

The Donation

On January 9th, when our banks opened after the winter break, we have transmitted 172 821 roubles ($5,690 at then current official exchange rate) to the Gift of Life’s bank account.

Our very warm thanks to all the donors!


This was our first attempt to raise money for charity, so we would like to extend very special thanks to:

  • Rick, Eric, and Alex of Javalobby/DZone — for promoting our announcement to a top spot and keeping it there for many days at no cost.
  • Jack and Kirk of — for including a link to the campaign’s page in their monthly newsletter.
  • Jonathan of FX Experience for featuring us in the JavaFX links of the week series.
  • Everyone who has provided advice and feedback, tweeted, blogged, shared on social networks, posted to forums, and otherwise helped us promote our campaign.

The Unexpected

  • Of the fifty countries, five — Albania, Armenia, Bolivia, Mozambique, and Vietnam — have not been on our customer map before.
  • One of the donors wrote in that they just saw news about our campaign on their Facebook page and wanted to give to charity, but have no idea what our product does and no use for it. They wanted us to give their license to someone else who might need it. I have responded that our free license offer still stands. Had to make the link to direct donations page more prominent.
  • A number of people had postponed their downloads for various reasons, e.g. until returning home from vacations, only to find that their download links have expired. (If you are one of those people, please get in touch with us and we’ll email you the new links.) That is the default behavior of our e-commerce provider, we’ll need to account for that in the future.

Future Plans

Speaking about the future, we are going to resume our charity program in 2013, but we want to try something different. Update: The 2013 campaign is under way. You can share your thoughts on how we could make the new program even more successful by emailing me at Thank you!

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