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Excelsior Delivery 2.2 beta Adds MSI Support

We are pleased to announce that a public beta of Excelsior Delivery 2.2 is available for download.

The major new feature of this release is the option to create installation packages in MSI format, which is the native format for Windows Installer.

Specifically, the Packager can now export your project as a set of files that may be provided as input to WiX, an open source toolset that builds Windows installation packages from XML source code, originally developed by Microsoft.

The Packager can also invoke WiX tools directly, essentially enabling you to use Excelsior Delivery as a GUI front-end for WiX. You may also use this feature to migrate your project to a WiX-based setup authoring tool if necessary.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback.

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  1. Simon Says:

    Biggest of the Excelsior setup is the following: