Excelsior JET 11 beta 1 Available

We have released the first public beta of Excelsior JET 11 for three platforms: Windows/x86, Linux/x64 and OS X. Future betas and the final release will support 64‑bit Windows and 32‑bit Linux as well.


  • Java SE 8 and JavaFX 8 support
  • 99.999% of JCK8 tests passed

Not in this beta

Features planned for version 11 that are not yet ready for beta testing:

  • Startup time improvement technologies in the 64‑bit version
  • JetPackII command-line interface

Known Issues

  • In the Windows version, the JET Setup welcome screen displayed after the installation bears a wrong Java SE version, 7 Update 76, instead of Java SE 8 Update 40. It is safe to proceed.
  • The methods Thread.suspend() and Thread.resume() are not implemented yet. (They have been deprecated since forever, so you should not be using them anyway.)

Download Excelsior JET 11 beta 1 Now

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3 Responses

  1. Ben Says:

    Hi, I tried to use this beta version and build a javaFx test program (netbeans sample), but for the test run, i fail to execute.

    Then when i build a exe and start it, it prompt me that the application require a later version of java to run.

    1) open the Excelsior Panel
    2) Choose Plain Java SE Application
    3) Follow the step and do it one by one

    So is there any special steps for build javafx program ?

  2. Dmitry Leskov Says:

    Ben, I forwarded your request to our engineers. Expect a reply to the email you have provided soon.

  3. falde Says:

    This is excellent. What about mobile devices, are they on the road map?