Excelsior JET 7.2 Released

What surprised me most in our EclipseCon 2010 experience was the number of booth visitors saying that application startup time is important to them. Fortunately, we have already had the Startup Accelerator in the works, and today it is the main highlight of Excelsior JET 7.2 release. Used together with the previously implemented Startup Optimizer, it can reduce the cold startup time of your Java application up to a factor of 3, aligning it with the native rivals it may have.

We also love to hear from our existing customers, and when we hear, we listen. In our last customer survey, long build times firmly occupied the top spot in the list of annoyances. Our tests show that upgrading to version 7.2 should reduce the build time by at least 30% compared to the previous version. Compilation of large Java applications consisting of tens of thousands of classes can be twice as fast now.

An eagerly awaited usability enhancement, Installation Toolkit tweaks, Java SE 6u20 support, and performance/stability improvements complete the list.

Full list of new features and improvements in Excelsior JET 7.2

Download Excelsior JET 7.2 Evaluation Package

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