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Excelsior JET 8 Released in Three Flavors


Excelsior JET 8 does not feel like yet another major version number change. Yes, it is the first time we’re introducing support for a new target CPU architecture, but there is more to it.

What we have been working on for nearly thirty months is the second generation of Excelsior JET core. Yes, version 8 does not add any new features beside Windows x64 support, the GUI makeover is still overdue, and so on. But inside it is almost like a new product.

Anyway, let’s see what’s new in Excelsior JET 8 from the user’s standpoint.

On 64‑bit Windows, your natively compiled Java apps may now use large heaps and integrate with 64‑bit DLLs. However, some features are not ported over yet, most notably the Global Optimizer.

The new runtime in 32‑bit Excelsior JET 8 not only improves memory manager throughput and reduced garbage collection pauses, but also addresses a handful of stability issues present in previous versions. So even if you decide to stick to x86 for now, we recommend that you upgrade to version 8.

You can now go straight to evaluation downloads or learn what’s new in Excelsior JET 8 in more details.

Thanks for your patience, and rest assured that we’ll continue working hard to bring you support for 64-bit Linux and Java 7 ASAP.

P.S. Speaking about upgrades, if your support contract was active on April 15, 2013, or you have purchased Excelsior JET 7.6 after that date, you should have received the download instructions for version 8 by email.

If those instructions are neither in your inbox nor in your Junk Mail folder, email us at

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