Excelsior JET for Mac OS X and Other Interesting Questions

We are running a survey among Excelsior JET customers to measure the demand for a few particular features and improvements we have in mind. In particular, we want to know if there is serious interest in a Mac OS X port.

The survey will last until the end of March. All respondents enter a draw to win a $100 Amazon certificate.

If you are a paying customer and want to participate, but have not received an invitation, chances are that it has triggered a spam filter or your email address has changed (there were 20+ bounces.) Please email us and we’ll send you an invitation. Make sure to whitelist our domain, excelsior-usa.com.

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6 Responses

  1. Scott Ruoti Says:

    My company would be very interested in using your product if it had compatibility with Mac OSX. Without this support the product lacks the functionality we need.

  2. Sage Salvatore Says:

    We are interested in using JET if it is available with J2SE 6.0 on Mac OSX. With Apple lagging behind on their J2SE support this would give us ample opportunity to deploy Java 6 applications on Mac OSX.

  3. Daniel Neades Says:

    My company would be interested in this, too. We have a file comparison/merging application and a project management product, both of which use Java.

    J2SE 6.0 support would be great, for the reasons mentioned by the previous poster.

  4. Greg Says:

    We have an immediate commercial need to use excelsior compiled code on a Mac. In fact it’s holding up the check from the customer!

  5. Adrian Says:

    I’ve expressed my interest in a Mac port before, and I’ll do it again – no Mac support is the only reason I haven’t chosen JET (yet). I know it’s alot of work for you guys, but I feel it would open up new markets.

  6. Dmitry Leskov Says:

    Adrian et al,

    Thank you for expressing your interest. Any chance you help us finance the porting effort? Of the customers who completed the survey, almost 40% had expressed interest in the Mac OS X port, but only twelve people said they would pay for it in advance. Unfortunately, that is not enough.