Excelsior JET Maven and Gradle Plugins Reached 1.0

It always feels special when a project matures to a level justifying the first increment of its major version number. Meet Excelsior JET Maven and Gradle plugins 1.0!

As you may recall, we declared the previous version a Release Candidate, so the list of what we have done since its release is quite short:

  • Reworked plugin documentation and moved it to the respective wikis: Maven | Gradle
  • Tested both plugins against all platforms/editions that Excelsior JET 11.0 and 11.3 support
  • Fixed a handful of minor bugs reported by users and found during testing
  • Added support for the compiler parameter that controls allocation of Java objects on the stack, which we had somehow overlooked

I also have to make one

Backward Incompatible Change Alert

Beginning with version 1.0, Windows version-information resource generation is off by default. To revert to the pre-1.0 behavior, add the following to the plugin configuration:

Maven: <addWindowsVersionInfo>true</addWindowsVersionInfo>
Gradle: addWindowsVersionInfo = true


Excelsior JET Maven Plugin:
Home page | on GitHub | on Maven Central

Excelsior JET Gradle Plugin:
Home page | on GitHub | on Maven Central

Future Plans

We have just a couple of items left on the plugins roadmap. What is interesting is that they are not among the current product features:

  • Multi-component support: building dependencies into separate native libraries to reuse them across multiple builds so as to reduce the overall compilation time, and
  • Code signing

However, please note that the development of the plugins will now have to pause for a few months, as the main contributor is speaking at several events this and next week and will then join others on the final push towards the summer release of Excelsior JET 12. But you are of course very welcome to request other features in the meantime.

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