Fixes/Workarounds for Java SE API Bugs: New Service for Excelsior JET Users

We have started offering a new consulting service to Excelsior JET customers: Java SE API bugfixing.

Exceptional expertise in the Java core and the commercial Java Technology license enable us to fix bugs found in the Sun’s JDK implementation and merge the fixes into a mainstream version of Excelsior JET.

What is more important is that we would start working on the fix or workaround for your particular problem immediately upon your request. A fix in the JDK may appear much later, if at all, especially if you have to stick to a legacy version of the Java technology for any reason.

Our support records also show that some of you may not move to the latest Java version due to bugs introduced in Java SE platform classes recently. If this is your case, we are ready to resolve such issues on a consultancy basis and ship an updated version of Excelsior JET to you.

Of course, Sun Microsystems fixes lots of bugs in each minor and major update of Java SE but many issues stay unresolved. For instance, a plenty of Swing/AWT bugs published at

have been kept untouched for years.

To sum it up, if you need something fixed in the core Java API, versions from J2SE 1.4.2 onwards, just let us know and Excelsior engineers will be back to you with a proposal.

Don’t forget to check out the entire range of services available to Excelsior JET customers.

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