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Introducing Excelsior JET Charity Bundles

According to the Gift of Life foundation, in Europe and the United States 80% of children diagnosed with cancer survive.

In Russia fewer than 70% do.

Because the only difference is money, we have decided to run a small experiment.

Gift of Life logo

Gift of Life helps Russian children and young adults whose families cannot afford treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Through the rest of 2012, you can purchase Excelsior JET, Standard Edition without support for a nominal fee of $10 per platform. We shall donate all proceedings from these sales to Gift of Life on your behalf.

If you help us meet our modest $1,000 donation goal, we will consider extending this campaign to 2013. We may also try something different.

UPDATE: We have sold 54 licenses as of 24 hours since the official announcement, so we are just $460 short of the goal now!

The “canonical” URL that will always point to then current campaign is:

Please share it with your fellow Java developers. Thank you.

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