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From Excelsior Hack Day V: Git Autocomplete Plugin for Far Manager

Remember Norton Commander? You aren’t much younger than me then. If you don’t, Norton Commander was a file manager for MS-DOS that worked in text mode. It was initially released in 1986, and its pirated copies became ubiquitous in the Soviet Union. To the less computer-savvy people, Norton Commander was the operating system back then — they were literally unable to use a PC without it.

It therefore comes as no surprise that it was a Russian developer Eugene Roshal who created a Norton Commander clone for Windows. Globally Eugene is primarily recognized for the creation of the RAR archive format and the WinRAR archiver. But here, the product many of his fellow Russian developers and some non-developers, including myself and the rest of Excelsior, still use on a daily basis is Far Manager, usually shortened as “Far”. To us, Far is the real Windows Command Prompt.

One area where Far loses out to Bash is command line autocompletion, known to be a productivity boost to all Git users maintaining dozens of local branches. The good news are that Far can be extended with plugins, so a pair of our Far and Git fans decided to put its SDK to a good use during our recent annual hackathon. The result is the Git Autocomplete plugin for Far Manager, released today under the MIT/X11 license.

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