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AOT-compiled Jake2 Runs on a Raspberry Pi 3

The first-ever release of Excelsior JET for Linux/ARM is rapidly approaching the end of what we informally call a “release period”, or RP for short. Roughly speaking, it is the period between the feature freeze and general availability dates of a new product version. During an RP, all Excelsior JET developers turn into part-time testers. Of course, most of the JCK and many other tests run in unattended mode, plus we have automated many interactive tests, but still there are some real-world applications and scenarios that have to be tested manually.

From one such test scenario a company tradition stems: on the very last day of a release period, when all other tests have passed, the Excelsior JET team plays natively compiled Jake2, a Java port of the open source Quake2 game engine, in multiplayer mode, of course. This time, however, we have a new platform – Linux/ARM, so we were not sure whether Jake2 will work there at all. Turned out it does work – here is a screenshot of Jake2 running on a Raspberry Pi 3 under 32‑bit Ubuntu MATE 16.04:

Of course, the FPS rate on the Pi fluctuates between 8 and 10 — quite low compared to the 70-80 range observed on a decent Intel PC, so whoever gets to play on that system will be seriously handicapped…

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Excelsior JET Embedded for Linux/ARM: Swing, JavaFX and SWT Work

Back in early 2015, Oracle infamously removed JavaFX from its ARM JDK bundle and Java SE Embedded.

So we were pleasantly surprised to see Excelsior JET Embedded for Linux/ARM to pass our JavaFX tests.

Moreover, SWT tests passed too, so it seems you may be able to compile your graphical Java applications natively for ARM targets regardless of which of the major Java SE UI toolkits they use – AWT/Java2D/Swing, JavaFX, or SWT.

That said, there is no official support for JavaFX on ARM devices, so it may as well be broken on the particular piece of hardware that you are targeting. In fact, Oracle cited the abundance of non-standard hardware as the main reason for dropping support for JavaFX Embedded. We are unsure of the status of SWT support as well. So do extensive testing on you target device before committing to either technology.

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Video: Nikita Lipsky Talks About Java AOT Compilation @JavaZone 2016

Our very own Nikita Lipsky, one of the “fathers” of the Excelsior JET project, was at the JavaZone conference in Oslo last week to give a talk about Java AOT compilation. Here are the video and slides of his talk:

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Excelsior JET, Standard Edition Set Free

The Standard Edition is the entry-level flavor of Excelsior JET. It only generates 32-bit code, is not available for OS X, and does not include any advanced features. Still, it is good enough for the less demanding usage scenarios and had a few paying customers, but only a few.

We have therefore decided to cease sales of Excelsior JET, Standard Edition effective today, August 31, 2016. Instead, we now offer free personal licenses for that Edition to all prospects who opt in when evaluating Excelsior JET. Those licenses are perpetual and permit commercial use. You may find the full terms of this offer on the Excelsior JET Evaluation Downloads page.

If you own a commercial license for Excelsior JET, Standard Edition, you may either keep using it or upgrade to the Professional Edition. You should have received an email from us with your upgrade conditions; if you have not, please email us at

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New KB Articles: Spring Boot and Docker

We have just added two new articles to the Excelsior JET Knowledge Base:

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Now Excelsior JET Has Got a Gradle Plugin Too

If you use Gradle to build your Java applications, read on to learn how to compile them down to optimized native executables by pasting a few lines into your Gradle script.

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Excelsior JET 10.0 EOL Alert

According to the Support Policy, Excelsior JET 10.0 has reached Product End Of Life status. We encourage customers of this version to migrate to more recent versions to receive the support services under valid Support Contracts.

If you need help in migrating to a newer version of Excelsior JET,
do not hesitate to contact us.

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Video: Nikita Lipsky Talks About Java AOT Compilation @GeekOut 2016

This post is now superseded by “Video: Nikita Lipsky Talks About Java AOT Compilation @JavaZone 2016“, where the quality of the talk is better.

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Subdivision: Easy, Fast & Safe Subversion History Manipulation

Today’s Customer Showcase post is going to be longer than usual, as it presents a product that may be of genuine interest to many developers, including at least some of Excelsior JET users.

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Excelsior JET 11 MP3 Adds Support for Java SE 8u91

Excelsior JET 11 Maintenance Pack 3 (MP3) fixes a few customer issues and adds support for Java SE 8 Update 91.

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