Excelsior JET 10 for OS X Updated to Remove Dependency on the JRE

Prior to the release of version 4.0 back in 2005, Excelsior JET used to piggyback on the Sun JRE, which had to be present on the developer’s system during profile creation. History has repeated itself, in the most unexpected way, as usual.

As you may know, Java used to be a first-class citizen on the Mac, but, starting from version 10.7 (Lion), new OS X installations do not include it. However, as our own tools are written in Java, the fact that we’ve never tested Excelsior JET on an OS X system that doesn’t have Java installed has escaped our attention.

Of course, it turned out that the standard Java library relies on a “leftover” API call CheckForInstalledJavaRuntimes, and, of course, that API does not recognize our JVM. As a result, any optimized application, including JET Control Panel and JetPackII, failed to start on such a system!

Therefore we had to expedite the issue of Maintenance Pack 1 for Excelsior JET 10 for OS X. (Technically, we issued it for all platforms, but only because that’s the way our update subsystem works. So please don’t bother downloading MP1 for the Windows and Linux versions, unless we sent you a post-MP1 hotfix.)

Note to Evaluation Package Users

The Excelsior JET for OS X Evaluation Package download has been refreshed to incorporate the above fix, so if you have downloaded it recently, you don’t need to download and apply MP1.

The original package file name was

The updated package file name is

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