Excelsior JET 11 MP1 Fixes Critical Bug, Adds Support for Java SE 8u65

Excelsior JET 11 Maintenance Pack 1 (MP1) fixes, among others, a critical bug in Excelsior JET Runtime and adds support for the latest Oracle CPU — Java SE 8 Update 65.

Important Notices

  1. This Maintenace Pack fixes a critical issue in Excelsior JET Runtime:

    JET-8277: Sporadic IOExceptions due to corruption of O/S API error code after a system call

    Although this intermittent bug rarely triggers in practice — only a few customers have reported it so far — it potentially affects all applications. The installation of MP1 is therefore mandatory, even if you plan to stay on Java SE 8u40 for now.

  2. Rolling back the installation of MP1 will leave you with a non-functioning copy of Excelsior JET. Should you encounter a problem with MP1, do not roll it back, reinstall Excelsior JET instead.
  3. There was a missing JavaFX dependency in the original MP1 binaries for Windows, so we have just re-issued them. (Update 17-Dec-2015: And re-issued once more due to the omission of the code signing step — my fault!) If you are using JavaFX and have already downloaded MP1, the latest MP1 files have the following checksums:
    5b9752fe1e4d21ae47bc5a9c3367c417  jet-1100-mp1-1.8.0_65p-ent-en-windows-amd64.exe
    1774c4e47f4729e3aee5d4a3eb9916fa  jet-1100-mp1-1.8.0_65p-ent-en-windows-x86.exe
    6ad7688d13070ca2e1fe369c150a21eb  jet-1100-mp1-1.8.0_65p-eval-en-windows-amd64.exe
    1fa8c628c7c0742b817e131550474fae  jet-1100-mp1-1.8.0_65p-eval-en-windows-x86.exe
    317df51b2cf4e9f16491af615b37b2a7  jet-1100-mp1-1.8.0_65p-pro-en-windows-amd64.exe
    f0b218030603628489fe4a947cf5bb6c  jet-1100-mp1-1.8.0_65p-pro-en-windows-x86.exe
    9556d43a8f2347d0eb0bbeba67ed2c90  jet-1100-mp1-1.8.0_65p-std-en-windows-x86.exe

If you are a paying customer of Excelsior JET 11, but the download instructions for MP1 are neither in your inbox nor in the junk mail box, request them from our Support Dept. at support@excelsior-usa.com.

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