Your Shiny New Product and Reputation-Based Security

A few days ago a participant of our non-commercial licensing program wrote in:

Some people have also told me that the installer has been caught by their antivirus product, as it’s new and hasn’t been seen by many of their customers so far.

“No, not again,” thought I.

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Code Signing: KB Article and Cheap Certificates

If you had previously installed any version of Excelsior JET prior to 7.2 on Windows Vista or Windows 7, you may have noticed that the UAC prompt for version 7.2 looks differently:

Can you spot the differences? 😉

This is because Excelsior JET 7.2 setup files are digitally signed. As you may see, a digital signature helps confirming the integrity and origin of the downloaded file to the user. (Torrent tracker frequenters, verify the signature after getting your “full version”.)

Users regularly ask us how to go about signing their own applications and installers. Based on my fresh code signing experience, I have put together a Knowledge Base article explaining the basics of code signing. The Advanced section covers the build process tweaks required to ensure interoperability with executable post-processing done by JetPackII.

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