Excelsior JET Embedded for Linux/ARM: Swing, JavaFX and SWT Work

Back in early 2015, Oracle infamously removed JavaFX from its ARM JDK bundle and Java SE Embedded.

So we were pleasantly surprised to see Excelsior JET Embedded for Linux/ARM to pass our JavaFX tests.

Moreover, SWT tests passed too, so it seems you may be able to compile your graphical Java applications natively for ARM targets regardless of which of the major Java SE UI toolkits they use – AWT/Java2D/Swing, JavaFX, or SWT.

That said, there is no official support for JavaFX on ARM devices, so it may as well be broken on the particular piece of hardware that you are targeting. In fact, Oracle cited the abundance of non-standard hardware as the main reason for dropping support for JavaFX Embedded. We are unsure of the status of SWT support as well. So do extensive testing on you target device before committing to either technology.

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The Fastest JVM on Greenland (Perhaps)

The Institute for Arctic Technology at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) recently worked on a renewable energy project in Greenland. The goal of the project was to determine the impact of combining renewable wind energy with existing diesel generators in small villages. There was just one problem: DTU researchers back in Denmark needed a reliable, affordable way to analyze the data both historically and in real-time. For that solution they turned to Lagoni Engineering Ltd. — and Lagoni turned to Excelsior JET Embedded.

Arctic conditions ruled out upgrading hardware, causing Lagoni to find performance improvements within the existing platform.

“We were looking for a way to reduce the hardware requirements and cost associated with conventional Java, which powers Monatar, our in-house datalogger with a built-in Web server that provides the user interface for the researchers. We found what we needed in Excelsior JET Embedded.”

Thomas Olsen, director of Lagoni Engineering Ltd.

Monatar is a high-performance embedded energy-monitoring device for wind turbine analysis, and it is critical to the DTU researchers’ mission. Excelsior JET Embedded powered — and boosted the performance of — Monatar in the bitter cold of a Greenland winter.

In fact, our product has delivered a 45% improvement on Oracle’s JVM start-up, between 15% and 30% improvement on JVM response, and a full 60% improvement on JVM’s disk footprint size.

Footprint Chart

You can find the remaining charts and further details in the case study.

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