Excelsior JET 7.6 Updated to Support the Latest Eclipse RCP and Equinox OSGi, Java SE 6u34

We have just put online Excelsior JET 7.6 Maintenance Pack 4. As usual, it addresses a handful of customer issues and enables the Java SE 6 Update 34 support add-on, but more importantly, it adds support for the latest versions of Equinox OSGi (3.8) and Eclipse RCP (4.2).

If you are a paying customer of Excelsior JET 7.6, but the download instructions for the above updates are neither in your inbox nor in the junk mail box, request them from our Support Dept. at support@excelsior-usa.com.

We have also updated the natively compiled Eclipse Classic IDE to version 4.2. You may find it in the Gallery.

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Excelsior JET 6.5 To Protect Eclipse RCP Applications

We are announcing our commercial Eclipse offering today, just a couple hours after watching a real total solar eclipse! No big surprise here, though. We have implemented support for the Equinox OSGi runtime in Excelsior JET, so the next version will enable you to protect Eclipse RCP applications from reverse engineering and tampering.

Excelsior JET 6.5 beta 1, capable of compiling Eclipse the IDE, is already available. The final release is scheduled for 1Q 2009.

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Excelsior LLC is the First Russian Company to Join the Eclipse Foundation

Excelsior has joined the Eclipse Foundation as an Add-In Provider. It turned out there are no other members from Russia, even though a number of Eclipse contributors, committers, and even project leads are based here. (In fact, the lead of the DLTK project is based right in our city.) So we are proud to be the first Russian corporate member of the Eclipse Foundation.

One of the obligations of an Add-In Provider member is to make a commercial Eclipse-based offering in 12 months. Our offering will be a tool designed for developers of (commercial) Eclipse RCP applications. We plan to announce it and make a public beta available on August 1st, 2008, so stay tuned.

I kindly invite industry analysts and authors covering Eclipse RCP to contact me to receive information and get the beta download about one week before the official annoucement. My contact is at the bottom of

The Official Press-Release

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