Simulin And UMHDL: Free Tools for Teaching And Learning Hardware Design

The early adopters of the OS X version of Excelsior JET are starting to publish their natively compiled Java apps.

Professor Pedro Pablo Garrido Abenza teaches Advanced Programming and Computer Technology at Miguel Hernandez University in Spain. Over the years, he created and refined two educational tools that are used by students taking the CT course:

SimulĂ­n, a digital circuit simulator,

and UMHDL, an open-source IDE for learning VHDL.

Both applications are written in Java, and Prof. Garrido has been using Excelsior JET since 2008 to compile and package them as native binaries for Windows and Linux. Now he has OS X versions available too.

Simulin and UMHDL binaries are freely available for download. If you teach, or want to learn, hardware design, check them out! (UMHDL is open source, so you can modify and extend it as you please.)

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Excelsior JET 10 for OS X Updated to Remove Dependency on the JRE

Prior to the release of version 4.0 back in 2005, Excelsior JET used to piggyback on the Sun JRE, which had to be present on the developer’s system during profile creation. History has repeated itself, in the most unexpected way, as usual.

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Excelsior JET 10 Released Ahead of Time

We have released Excelsior JET 10, originally scheduled for September. Download your evaluation copy now.

Update: That was on July 23, 2014. The next day, the boot hard drive in our main build server started misbehaving and eventually died a couple of weeks later. Call this perfect release timing if you wish.

Notable Changes in Excelsior JET 10

OS X support

The 64‑bit versions of Excelsior JET, Professional and Enterprise Editions are now available for Apple’s OS X desktop operating system.

Slightly Less Notable Changes in Excelsior JET 10

64‑bit application performance improvements

As evidenced by industry‑standard and popular benchmarks:

  • SPECjvm2008 and SPECjbb2002 composite scores improved by more than 25%
  • 20% to 60% speedups observed on the DaCapo benchmark suite
  • etc.
15-25% reduction of 64‑bit executables size

P.S. if your Support Contract was active on July 23, 2014, or you have purchased Excelsior JET 9.0 after that date, you should have received the download instructions for version 10 by email.

If those instructions are neither in your inbox nor in your Junk Mail folder, email us at

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Excelsior JET for OS X Has Passed The JCK

Earlier this week, Excelsior JET 10 nightly has passed the entire Java Compatibility Kit 7 test suite on OS X. Expect a beta soon.

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Excelsior JET for OS X: Java2Demo Runs

The screenshot says it all: natively compiled Java2Demo works both in the X Window Server and as a normal OS X app. Or it does not actually say anything, being indistinguishable from a screenshot of Java2Demo running on the Oracle JRE!

In any case, we are one big step closer to the release of Excelsior JET for OS X.

Stay tuned!

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Excelsior JET for OS X: “Hello, World!” Runs

A short update on our progress:

  • Bought some Apple hardware (no unboxing video, sorry.)
  • Set up our build and test systems on OS X, ensured that all tests pass on the Oracle JRE.
  • Ported the linker (xlink) to OS X and added support for the Mach-O executable format to it.
  • WORA in action! The new, 64-bit Excelsior JET compiler is written in Java and Scala*, so it runs on the Oracle JRE just fine.
  • Ported the startup code.
  • Replaced with stubs the platform-specific pieces of Excelsior JET Runtime that we write for each target platform ourselves.
  • Built a profile.
  • Replaced enough of the said stubs with actual implementations for “Hello, world” to work.

Stay tuned!

* The old 32-bit compiler is written in Oberon-2.

A profile is a set of Excelsior JET Runtime files (precompiled platform API classes, native libraries, resource files, etc.) for a specific Java version, such as Java SE 7 Update 40.

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