New Case Study: MSSQLTracker (Tomcat Web App)

MSSQLTracker is a free (as in beer) solution that makes the life of Microsoft SQL Server administrators easier. Implemented as a Java Web application supposed to run on Apache Tomcat, it would have been an easy target for malicious users tampering with the code of server management tools. After a careful study, Ben Dawson, the author of MSSQLTracker, chose Excelsior JET to protect his intellectual property and his users’ data.

Read the full case study, then learn how Excelsior JET can help you protect your Java Web applications.

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Tools We Use: YourKit Java Profiler

Even though the primary focus of Excelsior has always been on programming languages and their implementation – compilers, managed runtimes (JVM), tooling, etc., our Professional Services Department also offers Java consulting and undertakes long-term application development projects. One such project involved a large distributed system for enterprise email filtering and archiving. The system was implemented in Java and works on top of JBoss, with a large number of automatically scheduled tasks.

At some point the system experienced severe performance deterioration during massive import of email messages. However, our ability to diagnose the problem was substantially undermined by the fact that literally thousands of concurrent threads were running when the problem manifested itself. Isolation of the respective code portions into separate applications was not possible either. A really advanced performance analysis tool was needed.

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Excelsior JET Secures Intellectual Property for the Mobile Sales Force

This case study shows how Avisod LLC uses Excelsior JET to protect their Tomcat Web applications from potential security risks of reverse engineering.

Excelsior JET for Apache Tomcat case study

By: Karl Self, CIO
Avisod LLC

Avisod LLC, a software company that creates a private communications channel for its customers, has a geographically diverse sales force constantly on the move.

In our Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) vertical, the sales force needed to demonstrate the power of their unique hardware and software solution that included a Java Web application running on Apache Tomcat.

The advancements of decompilers, the increasing reliance on external configuration within Java Web applications, and the increasing cost and complexity of obfuscator software can make for sleepless nights on product teams. Excelsior JET eliminates those concerns through an easy to use interface capable of providing protection for Java Web applications running on Tomcat 5 and above.

Using Excelsior JET 7.2, we were able to secure our Java Web application running on Apache Tomcat 5.5 in less than hour.

Administration Dashboard of Avisod’s L3, an innovative messaging system that delivers targeted text and video messages to individuals on demand.

With JET’s AOT feature, the web container, application code, and JRE were compiled into native binary code. Now our sales force can move freely through airports, train station, hotels, and customer sites knowing Avisod’s intellectual property is safe from potential security risks of traditional decompilers.

Given the alternative’s cost, both in product cost and training, Excelsior JET was an easy choice. Beyond securing Avisod’s intellectual property, Excelsior’s JET 7.2 Enterprise Edition also provides the additional benefits of improved performance and reduced cold startup time. Salesmen typically have only a few minutes of face to face time with potential customers. Every second counts and the Excelsior’s solution helped Avisod’s sales force to make the most of every second.

Excelsior JET provided us with best in class security for our Java Web application giving us more time to focus on our clients and improving our product line.

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Nicolas Fränkel: Safely give away your demo applications

Nicolas Fränkel in his blog recommends using Excelsior JET to protect your demo Web applications.

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Excelsior JET 7.0 Ships

As promised, Excelsior JET 7.0 enables you to protect your Java Web applications running on Apache Tomcat by compiling them together with the Tomcat server itself into an optimized native executable.

Multi-app executables enable you to compile several applications into one executable, thus maximizing code and data sharing at run time. Another benefit is the ability to specify JVM options and Java system properties on the command-line in the conventional manner:

MyApp -Xmx512m -Dmonitor.port=7000 com.XYZ.server.Main
MyApp -Dport=7000 com.XYZ.monitor.Main

On Windows, the same binary may now be run as a conventional executable and installed as a service.

Speaking about Windows and sevens, Excelsior JET 7.0 has passed the Java SE 6 compatibility testsuite (JCK) on Windows 7 and is supported on that platform.

An important usability enhancement, performance and stability improvements, and reduced memory usage are also waiting for you to enjoy them!

Full list of new features and improvements in Excelsior JET 7.0

Download Excelsior JET 7.0 Evaluation Package

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