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Oberon-2 Oakwood libraries

The Oakwood Guidelines for the Oberon-2 Compiler Developers specifies a set of libraries that should be provided with all Oberon implementations. The current XDS release does not contain all these libraries yet. The following libraries are currently available:

In input from a standard stream
MathR mathematical functions for REAL
MathL mathematical functions for LONGREAL
MathC mathematical functions for COMPLEX
MathLC mathematical functions for LONGCOMPLEX
Out output to a standard stream
O2Strings simple manipulations for strings

The Math library is renamed to MathR, because it coincides with the POSIX math library interface. The complex types and, hence, MathC and MathLC modules may be not available for other Oberon implementations.

The Strings library is renamed to O2Strings, since it is not compatible with the correspondent ISO library.