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    What do you mean by "resistance to SA_RESTART flag"?
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    I think it is your product, your child. Why I must to think something else? Yes, you're right. But you developed the product for profit and spreading, isn't it? The main influence has one who forms needs and directions of the mass software and hardware consumption. Its are not always the best solutions, but people want to sell its. It's a war. You studied market and you certainly understand: the mass demand for good Oberon compilers still not ready and need to be formed. You have undertaken the good step: to share the XDS for free, for creation of such demand at the moment. But it is not enough. I personally should like to see in XDS-compiler 32-bit INTEGER (in Oberon-2) and full support of 64-bit arithmetic, as well as the best support of unicode (2-byte character type, as minimum, to not to work with unicode chars over integers). Presently we can certain to say there are two dialects of Oberon which possible to call dominants: its are Active Oberon and Component Pascal. With suitable and economical facilities which its give, the clean Oberon-2 language looks less attractive for practical development. But this is not so important. I heard from Alex Iljin that he has a list of unfixed XDS bugs. The bugs of code generation. Its are present both in 2.51 release, and in new beta too. And here this is already seriously. I know Alex Iljin. He is a co-author and developer of Amadeus-3, the responsible and reliable developer. I will not ask you to open the sources of XDS. This is your business and your commercial prospects. But I ask you to share the sources to Alex Iljin to fix the bugs found by him in process of Amadeus-3 developing. Probably, he is exactly that person, who can give the push for the further improvement of XDS. This is for future of XDS, its fate and perspectives. Regardless of your decisions, thank you for your work.