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  1. This topic has been moved to Defect Reports. [iurl]http://www.excelsior-usa.com/forum/index.php?topic=690.0[/iurl]
  2. STICKY: Welcome

    Welcome to our online community! If you wish to share your insights or ideas that can help us improve our product, we invite you to discuss them with Excelsior engineers and members of Excelsior JET Community. Looking forward to your feedback, Excelsior Java Team
  3. Welcome

    Welcome to our online community! If you suspect that you have found a bug or experienced a "random feature" in Excelsior JET, please, report it to us. We are grateful for all bug reports and will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Please provide the following information: - Hardware platform (CPU, RAM, etc.) - Operating system name and version - Product name and version If possible, describe a precise scenario of reproducing the defect. Providing more details, you enable us to remedy the problem quickly. Take care, Excelsior Java Team
  4. Welcome

    Welcome to our online community! If you have any doubts about Excelsior JET capabilities or have encountered a problem when using our product, do not hesitate to ask your questions. We will be happy to help you. At your service, Excelsior Java Team