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  1. That's a question to the authors of the specification. Use / and REM instead of DIV and MOD if the divisor can be negative.
  2. Problem is, Oracle does not provide the CACERTS file to its Java licensees. Each JVM vendor has to enter into certificate redistribution agreements with all CAs separately. Thanks for pointing our attention to the problem.
  3. snowman

    Excelsior JET 15 Released

    Version 15 introduces incremental compilation for AMD64 targets and improves application performance and scalability across all platforms. Download now or learn more
  4. snowman

    Unable to get Redirection to work.

    If you reinstall XDS, can you compile the samples that come with it?
  5. Version 14 will feature more application performance improvements, plus support for latest Eclipse RCP and Apache Tomcat. Head over to https://www.excelsiorjet.com/beta to grab the beta.
  6. Excelsior JET 11.3 Maintenance Pack 1 (MP1) fixes a few customer issues and adds support for Java SE 8 Update 121. If you are a paying customer of Excelsior JET 11.3 or have a free personal Standard Edition license, but the download instructions for MP1 are neither in your inbox nor in the junk mail box, request them from our Support Dept. at support@excelsior-usa.com. If you are evaluating Excelsior JET 11.3, you can proceed to download Excelsior JET 11.3 MP1 now.
  7. snowman

    Exception Occurred During Initialization

    Did you receive your 11.3 upgrade?
  8. snowman

    compilation and packaging automation

    Better late than never: https://github.com/excelsior-oss/excelsior-jet-maven-plugin
  9. snowman

    Compilation and Packaging with Maven

    We now have an official Maven plugin: https://github.com/excelsior-oss/excelsior-jet-maven-plugin
  10. snowman

    Absolutely No clue

    For Reflection and JNI to work, only the names of classes, methods, and fields are needed, not the bytecode. It is perfectly possible in many cases to compile the entire Java app to native code and ship it without the original class files. That said, there are libraries and APIs that are designed to work with bytecode or rely on the presence of bytecode at runtime. One notable example of the latter are the security providers. Refer to the following Excelsior JET Knowledge Base article for details: HOWTO: Compile an application that uses a security provider The log files emitted by the Excelsior JET compiler contains full information about which classes it compiled.
  11. snowman

    Is is possible to protect rt.jar?

    Please elaborate on the steps to reproduce this. If you compile and package your app with default settings, rt.jar is not used at all and should not be packaged for distribution. When you enable the Global Optimizer, rt.jar will only contain those standard Java library classes that were not precompiled, so most, if not all, of those classes are not actually used by your app.
  12. snowman

    Excelsior JET 11 Enters Beta

    Excelsior JET 11 beta 1 is available for three platforms: Windows/x86, OS X, and Linux/x64. Windows/x64 and Linux/x86 support is in the works. Notable changes compared to version 10.5: Java SE 8 and JavaFX 8 support Details and downloads
  13. Excelsior JET actually had such technology since the second public beta and up to and until version 3.7. It was called JetPerfect, and it enabled you to cram an SWT app onto a 1.44MB floppy disk. But there were two big problems with it: It was extremely fragile - any use of reflection or JNI at run-time could break things completely. One client compiled their SWT app on a system where the mouse had no wheel, and it blew up on its client's systems when SWT tried to load the respective class dynamically. It was illegal - the Java SE license did not permit subsetting the API. (It still does not, with the exception of Compact Profiles introduced in Java 8, but, of course, today you can just take OpenJDK and throw away whatever you want.) That's why we dropped JetPerfect from version 4.0, which was the first certified Java Compatible. But even if there were no legal issues, the wheel-less mouse incident alone would have been enough to trigger the decision.
  14. A number of old tests get a new life every time we add support for another target architecture or platform. Here comes a fresh record from our labs: Main Thread Lives Two Lives
  15. snowman

    Java Accessibility Support

    Sorry, these forums are not monitored daily. The best way to ensure a fast response is to reach out to the Excelsior JET engineering team directly by email at java@excelsior-usa.com. I also apologize if we left an impression that it is necessary to purchase a license to receive any support. We do provide support during the evaluation period, but we had public holidays on Nov 3-4, and are now working through a backlog, so please bear with us. Finally, rest assured you will receive a full refund if we fail to resolve the issue you've encountered.
  16. snowman

    Apple OS X Support?

    I would not call this "near future", but better late than never: http://www.excelsiorjet.com/osx
  17. snowman

    Excelsior JET 10 Released

    Here are the most notable changes in Excelsior JET 10: OS X Support The 64‑bit versions of Excelsior JET, Professional and Enterprise Editions are now available for Apple OS X desktop operating system. 64-bit Version Improvements OS X support Application performance improvements evidenced by industry‑standard and popular benchmarks: SPECjvm2008 and SPECjbb2002 composite scores improved by more than 25% 20% to 60% speedups observed on the DaCapo benchmark suite etc. [*]Executable sizes reduced by 15-25% Download Your 90-Days Evaluation Copy
  18. snowman

    Jet for Mobile iOS

    Thank you very much for sharing your opinion, shashaank. You may wish to subscribe to our mailing list or RSS feed to make sure you will receive any updates on this subject matter that we may issue.
  19. First of all, make sure to copy the EXE file that was processed by the packager (JetPackII), not the EXE originally emitted by the compiler. If you build a new EXE, you have to re-package it before copying to other PCs; there is a command-line tool for that called xpack. Also, if you do not have the latest update installed (for Excelsior JET 9 it is Maintenance Pack 2 as of today), install it then rebuild and re-package your app. If nothing helps: What are your friend's operating system and its language settings?
  20. snowman

    Jet for Mobile iOS

    When you say "much smaller market", are you comparing by the potential number of users or by potential revenues and profits? If the latter, do you have solid market data to support your opinion?
  21. snowman

    Jet for Mobile iOS

    Not the license per se, but the open legal dispute between Google and Oracle over Java. Desktop and mobile are converging. Is Surface Pro 3 a desktop or mobile device? And UI redesign is required in the case of RoboVM as well. An Android app won't look native on iOS. We will surely do that when/if time comes. Thank you very much for sharing your opinion and advice.
  22. snowman

    Jet for Mobile iOS

    Members of Excelsior senior management not only read this forum, but also post replies. Excelsior is an Oracle Java licensee, hence our solution would have to be Java SE compliant, whereas the RoboVM author had chosen to use the Android standard library, so as to aid portability between iOS and Android.
  23. Last year, we raised $8,290 for the Save Life Foundation by selling Excelsior JET, Standard Edition under "pay what you can" conditions. We are doing another run of that campaign from April 23 to May 31, 2014. This time those who give $50 or more will receive a free upgrade to Excelsior JET 10, tentatively scheduled for September, and enter a draw for a free copy of Excelsior JET 10, Professional Edition for OS X (one copy per $5,000 raised.) Learn more and participate
  24. For details and to sign up for the public beta test program, head over to: http://www.excelsiorjet.com/osx
  25. snowman

    Excelsior JET 9.0 Maintenance Pack 1

    We have released Excelsior JET 9.0 Maintenance Pack 1 that fixes a handful of user-reported issues. If you are a paying customer of Excelsior JET 9.0, but the download instructions for the above update are neither in your inbox nor in the junk mail box, request them from our Support Dept. at support@excelsior-usa.com.