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  1. On August 20, 2011, we have re-released xFunction under a freeware license and ceased its further development officially. We shall continue supporting xFunction customers that have purchased a commercial license for another twelve months. We encourage you to look at JNA (Java Native Access), which provides essentially the same functionality as xFunction, is available for more platforms, and is open sourced under LGPL. If JNA does not work for you or you cannot use LGPL software, please feel free to continue using xFunction. We may even port it to a platform of your choice, at your expense. For the avoidance of doubt, our flagship product, Excelsior JET, is and shall remain our top priority. Paying customers, please note that this forum is not intended for product support. We do not monitor it continuously, so if you need a quick reply, email your question to support@excelsior-usa.com instead of posting it here.
  2. snowman

    IllegalSignature Exception/Class not found?

    We DO support evaluation users, but you should have emailed your question to us, as we do not monitor these forums daily. Have you read the disclaimer at the bottom?
  3. snowman

    Excelsior JET Benchmarking Results

    Some benchmarks yield an abstract "score", and usually the higher the score, the better is the result. When you measure execution time, it is the opposite - the lower the time, the better. So we introduced a performance index to normalize results of different benchmarks so that they can be meaningfully shown on one chart. For each benchmark, the result shown by the reference implementation (Sun HotSpot Client VM) is taken for 100%. If the result of the given VM is 2 times better, i.e. either execution on that VM took just half of the HotSpot Client time, or the score is 2x the HotSpot Client score, the index is 200%. If it is two times worse, the index is 50%.
  4. snowman

    Excelsior Jet - Blue screen of death?

    Excelsior JET Control Panel and JetPackII are written in Java (all custom Swing UI), so they rely on the Sun JRE for doing actual graphics output. We had a few reports like this concerning our users' applications, and it all cases it turned out that their apps fail on the same version of Sun JRE in the same way. See e.g. bug 4713003 in the Java Bug Parade: http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=4713003 In case you do not have a login to the Sun site above, the possible workarounds are: a) Use system property -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true. I am not sure how to force it with JET Control Panel, though (I am not an engineer), but try this: 1. Open the command prompt, go to the bin\ directory of your JET installation. and run jc.exe. It should say somethinig like: E:\JET\bin> jc.exe Excelsior JET v3.60 Professional Edition (c) Excelsior 1997,2004 Active JRE Version 1.4.2_06 (profile=XX) . . . Notice the value of XX - I am not sure what it should be for 1.4.2_06. 2. Run the command: SET JETVMPROP=-Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true 3. Run launchpad360XX.exe, where XX is the number you noticed on Step 1. If you try this option (a) please post your results here. Reduce "Hardware acceleration" under "Troubleshooting" in "Display" in the Win2k settings. c) Run dxdiag.exe (DirectX diagnostics tool), click on the Display tab and then disable 'DirectDraw Acceleration' and 'Direct3D Acceleration'. I also guess updating DirertX might help. Finally please do send your defect reports directly to the JET team at java@excelsior-usa.com for fastest response. As the disclaimer below says, we do not closely monitor these forums, and we do not want our registered users to be disappointed by the quality of our support.
  5. snowman

    Concerned about holiday offer..

    We did not intend to build any trap. All we wanted to do is stimulate sales during the holiday season. If you still see a trap here, it is very easy to avoid it - just buy a Maintenance Contract and you will get at no extra cost version 3.7 and any subsequent version released within one year since the date of your purchase. When bundled with the product, a Maintenance Contract for the Standard Edtition costs just $50, for the Professional - $150.
  6. snowman

    JET RT (root dir)

    JetPerfect and JIT are mutually exclusive. The whole idea of JetPerfect is that it precompiles all classes of your application and therefore can make more optimizations.
  7. snowman

    To JET marketing: Open-source license?

    There will be some new licensing options introduced soon, so stay tuned. (soon == in 1-2 months )
  8. You seem to have found the most appropriate place to ask this question, congratulations.
  9. snowman

    SWING to SWT

    http://www.swtguibuilder.com/ http://swingwt.sourceforge.net/ Disclaimer: Neither I nor my colleagues at Excelsior used any of the above.
  10. snowman

    Linux Port Status - v3.6 Final Released!

    Excelsior JET for Linux just debuted! Download your evaluation copy here.
  11. This is a locked topic to which the moderator posts news about the progress of the Linux port. Click on "Notify of Replies" above to stay tuned. To date, we have ported most of Excelsior JET runtime core to Linux and added ELF support to the linker, which resulted in a succesful compilation and run of the "Hello, Linux world!" application on May 21st. We have also decided to release a public beta ASAP, so be prepared that the first beta will only work from the command-line (but will accept projects created in the JET Control Panel on Windows) and will not provide deployment facilities.
  12. snowman

    Linux Port Status - v3.6 Final Released!

    Major news are JetPackII port and support for the latest microversions.
  13. You may have read about Multitasking JVM (MVM) in the recent Sun Inner Circle article, at the Barcelona project home page or elsewhere. In case you have not, the idea of MVM is to have one JVM process (in terms of the operating system) host several isolated Java applications, sharing common VM data such as loaded platform classes. To applications, it will appear as if they were run on separate JVMs, which is the only way you can execute several Java programs on one computer today. Beside footprint and startup time reduction, MVM promises to deliver speedup in inter-application communication, because no process switching would be necessary for exchanging data between e.g. a Java application server and a Java database. The downside is that if a fatal bug is hit in the MVM or access violation occurs in a native method, all applications will terminate. Now, consider Excelsior JET. It allows code sharing at the operating system level through DLLs. It delivers startup time reduction through global optimizations and/or executable image optimization. Yes, it does not remove the inter-process communication overhead, but you can think of it as a tradeoff for stability - a fatal error in one application normally does not affect others (except on Win9x). So the only other major advantage of MVM is the common memory manager. Imagine you have a system with 2GB RAM and want to run on it two memory-intensive applications. Because of garbage collection, their maxium heap sizes may not exceed ~1.5GB in total, otherwise excessive paging may occur resulting in radical performance degradation. So you have to explicitly divide this 1.5GB space by specify maximum heap size for each application, e.g. 750MB and 750MB, or 1GB and 500MB, and so on. On an MVM, you may set the maximum heap size for all Java applications, and have a privileged task to dynamically adjust the per-task limits. So in the above scenarion you could set the total limit to 1.5GB and if the privileged control task detects that one application is staying idle with 100M allocated on the heap, it may allow the other one to use up to 1.4 GB of memory. This led me to an idea: what if we enable JET-compiled Java applications to coordinate their memory management? This can be done e.g. via a service/daemon process. Please post your opinions. Did you ever need to run more than one memory-intensive Java application on one system? Was the independency of their memory managemet the show-stopper? Should we implement multi-process heap management facility in Excelsior JET? For details about MVM, check out the papers at the Barcelona project home page
  14. snowman

    Linux Port Status - v3.6 Final Released!

    Most important is the introduction of the all-new fast JIT compiler, which will surely find its way in the 3.6 release for Windows. JET Setup core was ported, but its user interface is limited to command line. We now test on Mandrake 10 beside other distros. You may wish to check out the new sample (Rhino scripting engine.)
  15. snowman

    JCE and Java 1.4.2

    See this Knowledge Base article.
  16. snowman

    Linux Port Status - v3.6 Final Released!

    The big news are NPTL support and JET Control Panel. Now JET works on RedHat 9, Fedora Core 1 and other NPTL-enabled distros.
  17. snowman

    Linux Port Status - v3.6 Final Released!

    Beta 5 is the first performance-tuned release of Excelsior JET 3.5 for Linux. In our preliminary tests, it outperformed IBM JIT and Sun HotSpot. For details and download, click here.
  18. snowman

    Debugging JET?

    In short - you cannot. Actually, you should not need to debug your compiled Java code. You have to make sure your program works on the conventional HotSpot VM before compiling it with Excelsior JET. If the complied version does not work then, it is likely to be a configuration issue or maybe a bug in JET. The compiler can produce debug information, but the format is proprietary and only our own debugger XD can read it. We do not make it generally available in order to improve the protection of your compiled programs against reverse engineering.
  19. snowman

    Upgrade to 3.5

    Your assumption is correct - you have to update the JET RT directory.
  20. snowman

    Upgrade to 3.5

    The main reasons to upgrade are: New features, the major being support for Endorsed Standards Override and the xjava launcher. Application performance improvement (just a few percent, though some of our tests has speeded up by 20%). Actually this is a side effect of changes aimed at compatibility, not performance. Support for future J2SE microversions (through Maintenance Packs) The upgrade cost to users of v3.15 Pro is $375. If you have an active Maintenance Contract (which you could have purchased at just $150), or if the date of your order for v3.15 is November 25, 2003 or later, you qualify for a free upgrade.
  21. Yes, there will be MP3 (what an acronym) for 3.15 with fixes and support for the latest J2SE 1.3 and 1.4 microversions.
  22. snowman

    Linux Port Status - v3.6 Final Released!

    Excelsior JET 3.5 beta 4 for Linux fixes numerous bugs, adds samples for jEdit and Jext. Note that the download page has moved. We have finally discovered the cause of a major problem that occured on RedHat 7.x - it has to do with the executable loader in RH7 not following the ELF spec. This is apprently fixed in RH8. Making our linker compatible with RH7 requires much effort, so we have postponed fixing this problem.
  23. GCJ can compile for the Mac, at least here is what its Supported Targets page says: PPC Darwin (including MacOS X) Some kludges needed.
  24. snowman

    Why there's DOS shell as well?

    See this Knowledge Base Article.
  25. snowman

    XDS's StdChans.DEF

    1. Which version of XDS are you using? 2. The XDS standard hello.mod sample does not use the StdChans module. Which sample are you talking about?