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    JRE 1.4.2_01 vs JRE 1.4.2_01

    Another point to consider is that the JRE in JDK\JRE is not redistributable according to its license agreement.
  2. snowman

    Linux Port Status - v3.6 Final Released!

    Excelsior JET 3.5 for Linux beta 2 release addresses bugs, performance degradation and binary (in)compatibility between Linux versions and distributions. Download here.
  3. snowman

    Linux Port Status - v3.6 Final Released!

    Excelsior JET 3.5 beta 1 for Linux is available! Download here Omitted are: - JET Setup GUI. A shell script is provided instead. - JET Control Panel. You can migrate projects from the Windows version changing just the path names. - Application deployment facilities (JetPackII and Excelsior Installer) - Documentation. You can access or download Excelsior JET for Windows User's Guide here. All this will appear in future betas. Enjoy!
  4. snowman

    Linux Port Status - v3.6 Final Released!

    Well, you might say "September ended, and there is no beta available for download." Wait just a little bit more - we are already editing the readme file and adding samples to the package, so you can expect the beta to go out in a day or two.
  5. You do not need to use JNI to call a JET-compiled Java DLL from a JET-compiled Java EXE. If that is what you want to do, please refer to chapter "Dynamic Linking" in the User's Guide and to examples in [tt]samples\DLL[/tt].
  6. snowman

    XKRN31514.dll question

    You have mistaken JetPerfect for JetPackII. JetPerfect is a global optimizer integrated with the main compiler, whereas JetPackII is a setup generator. Please refer to the User's Guide, Chapter "JetPerfect Global Optimizer" for details on how to optimize your application into a standalone EXE. See also this KB article, which provides instructions on how to make a standalone DLL and invoke it from a C program.
  7. snowman

    is serial communication api supported

    First of all, our program makes EXE and DLL files, taking jars as input. It is possible to use the COMM API and other Java Extensions (also known as Optional Packages), just go to this page and download the respective sample.
  8. The update is available for immediate download
  9. As you know, JET precompiles Java 2 platform classes from a particular JRE (micro)version. So doing what you ask about would be equivalent to taking rt.jar from 1.4.2_01 and copying it to 1.4.2 in the hope that everyhing will work. Even if the public API does not change between microversions A and B, there are likely to be changes in JRE internals, most importanly in the native methods.
  10. It would have been out if Sun did not release 1.4.1_05.
  11. Strictly speaking, on one of the systems you will need to setup only a build/test environment. Also, we think those who only have Linux on development systems will anticipate the ability to run the compiler natively under Linux. Technically, it is fairly easy to support cross-compilation, so if there will be enough demand, we may implement it in a future release. We shall try to make sure that owners of the current Windows version get the same discount on the Linux version as those who buy the two versions together for the first time. We may also offer existing customers a better discount for a limited time. The other point to consider is that there is no fixed Linux version release date yet. So if you need to use the Windows version in your production environment soon, buy it without waiting for the Linux version to become available for purchase.
  12. 1. We currently plan to release a Maintenance Pack with a few bug fixes and support for 1.4.2_01 and 1.3.1_09 next week. 2. The Linux version will not be a cross-compiler, i.e. it will itself run on Linux. We have not made a final decision on its pricing yet, but there will surely be a big discount offered to those who already have the Windows version or buy both versions at once.
  13. snowman

    App size after JetPack

    If you re-read the Trita case study, you would notice that Trita was compiled to a single EXE using JetPerfect Global Optimizer. JetPerfect yields (much) larger EXEs, but they do not require any JET runtime DLLs, because the required Java 2 platform classes and native methods are all put in the EXE together with the classes comprising your application. Regarding RMI and SQL - are you sure that your application does not use any third-party libraries that refer to java.rmi.* and java.sql? Even if those APIs are just imported, but not actually used at runtime, JetPackII will include the respective DLLs. Again, if you use JetPerfect, it will include in the final EXE only classes and methods that have a chance to get called at runtime. Finally, note that Trita was converted from AWT to SWT, because JET cannot create JRE -independent EXEs for apps using AWT and Swing. If your application uses AWT or Swing, it will require the JRE to run. This restriction is imposed by the JRE license prohibiting partial redistribution.
  14. snowman

    Linux Port Status - v3.6 Final Released!

    Linux compiler and runtime passed check-in tests on all JREs from 1.3.0 to 1.4.2. Resource binding now works on Linux. We shall now begin working on the command line version of JET Setup for Linux.
  15. snowman


    Make sure that on the Resources page all jars with resourse files are present and marked as "Bind to the executable". If they are, try setting the CLASSPATH as if you were running on HotSpot and launch the EXE. If it works with CLASSPATH, then resource binding is at fault, and you should contact our engineering team at java@excelsior-usa.com so that they could request more details.
  16. snowman

    Netbeans & Excelsior

    Well, some time ago we had some old version of NetBeans compiled, but right now we do not have it in out test suite. It should be possible, however, the process is likely to be as complicated as with Eclipse...
  17. snowman

    JetPerfect DLL with Visual C++ project

    -DDynamicUseDLL just defines a macro used in conditional compilation. To do that in VS.NET: right click the respective file in the Solution Explorer select Properties select C/C++ -> Preprocessor in the Preprocessor Definitions field, type "[tt]DynamicUseDLL[/tt]"
  18. snowman

    JetPack II:  Assertion failed

    This problem is now fixed, and downloads are refreshed for all Editions and the Eval Pack. If you do not have time for installation/recompilation right now, use the following workaround: 1. Open the project (yourApp.jpn) in JetPackII 2. Go to JRE page 3. Select "External JRE" 4. Go to Finish page 5. Push "Create" 6. After the package is created, go to JRE page again 7. Select a JRE option you wish 8. Go to Finish page again 9. Push "Create" It should help and the problem will never arise for this project.
  19. snowman

    Linux Port Status - v3.6 Final Released!

    All our microtests now work, tested under JREs including 1.4.2. A public beta release is scheduled for September.
  20. snowman

    Consistent crash in JET 3.15

    We need to reproduce the problem. Please zip the entire JIT cache directory and upload it to ftp.excelsior-usa.com/incoming (write-only). Please confirm the exact version of Eclipse Platform you were trying to compile and list any plugins that you have installed that are not part of Eclipse distribution.
  21. snowman

    Java 1.4.2

    The download instructions were sent out on Friday last week. You may not have received them for one the following reasons: - The contact email address for your Excelsior JET license in our customer database is outdated or irrelevant (e.g. belongs to a person from the Purchase Dept. who does not know where to forward our email.) - You acquired the product from a reseller who did not communicate your email address to us. - You acquired the product from a reseller who handles product updates/upgrades itslef and they had some problem. In any case, email us at sales@excelsior-usa.com. Providing the license serial number or some proof of purchase would speed up the process.
  22. snowman

    Linux beta testing?

    Right now, the Linux version is not ready for a public release. When we have all the readmes and setup utilities in place, there will be a public beta testing program. We shall announce it through this board and through the mailing list.
  23. snowman

    How to (pre-) compile Eclipse?

    Here is the article. It requires JET 3.15, which we have just released, that is why we had to postpone the publication of this article.
  24. snowman

    Java 1.4.2

    Here it is. We shall be sending out download instructions to registered customers tomorrow.
  25. We are considering offering this type of licenses for the Linux version of Excelsior JET, which is currently under development.