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  1. snowman

    Java 1.4.2

    That article is ready, but requires v3.15, so there is no point in publishing the article now.
  2. snowman

    Linux Port Status - v3.6 Final Released!

    JET-compiled javac and SwingSet2 sample now work on Linux.
  3. snowman

    Linux Port Status - v3.6 Final Released!

    JET-compiled Java2Demo sample has run today on Linux for the first time, without apparent problems.
  4. The property jet.report.not.found.methods is intended for diagnosing reflection problems. It was introduced after v3.11 release, which escaped attention of our support engineers. That property will appear in v3.15 under the name jet.report.not.found.entities. Our understanding is that you have resolved that particular problem, but if it strikes again before you switch over to v3.15, we may send you a patch for v3.11.
  5. snowman

    Eclipse integration?

    We have IDE integration on our to-do list, but with relatively low priority. There were not many requests for this feature since we provided GUI front-ends to the compiler and the setup generator. We would welcome third-party efforts to implement Excelsior JET plug-ins for Eclipse and other IDEs, and would provide a reasonable amount of support.
  6. snowman

    Linux Port Status - v3.6 Final Released!

    We have figured out why threads were not working as expected. Turned out to be a stupid linking problem - fork() is present in both pthreads and libc... Now all thread-related microtests pass.
  7. snowman


    It depends on the program and on Excelsior JET Edition. The full answer is in the FAQ.
  8. snowman

    excelsior 311 eval

    I think formally you could do that as long as you do not charge for access to that file. But technically, the JET runtime included with your application will time out on a fixed date, and it will stop functioning. We could possibly compile your app for you so that it does not time out. Can't you tell us some more details about what your site and that particular app is all about?
  9. snowman

    OUt of memory again

    1. What is the maximum heap size setting (-Xmx) when you run you app on HotSpot VM? (if you do not use -Xmx, the default is 64MB.) 2. Now, what is the application heap size setting in your JET project? If it is "Adaptive", try using an explicit setting as on HotSpot. Consult also this KB article.
  10. First off, your DLL will only be accessible from JET-compiled Java programs, or from C/C++ via JNI. If that is ok with you, look at the samples in [tt]samples\DLL[/tt]. Consult also this KB article.
  11. snowman

    Java 1.4.2

    We plan to begin final testing of Excelsior JET 3.15 with J2SE 1.4.2 support in a few days. This update will be free to v3.11 users.
  12. snowman

    System requirements / Linux

    Well, it is a kind of safe approximation. It will probably compile "Hello, World" in a reasonable time on a 4MB machine if you do not run it under X.
  13. snowman

    System requirements / Linux

    Well, Native XDS-x86 was first released back in 1996, when 16MB was a lot of memory. We did not add too much memory-consuming stuff since then. So it should work on a 16MB system. But if your app is so large that you have to extend compiler heap size beyond the available physical memory, the compiler will slow down by orders of magnitude.
  14. snowman

    Linux Port Status - v3.6 Final Released!

    The Linux version now passes about 50% of the microtests, which we have been collecting since 1998.
  15. snowman

    Ask one question about JET 3.11

    We are sorry, but your email does not appear in our customer database. You must have used a different email when ordering the product. Or perhaps you ordered through a reseller? In any case, please email some proof of purchase to us at java@excelsior-usa.com.
  16. snowman

    JDK 1.4.1_03 and 1.3.1_08

    Updates are available here.
  17. snowman

    JDK 1.4.1_03 and 1.3.1_08

    It already does. We have just refreshed the Evaluation Package download, but we need some more time to create and test updates that would minimize download sizes and eliminate the need for product reinstallation.
  18. snowman


    Excelsior JET Control Panel is written in Java. It uses JavaHelp and is compiled by JET. Have a look at the sample program in the directory [tt]samples\JavaExtensions\JavaHelp[/tt] of your JET installation.
  19. snowman

    Ask one question about JET 3.11

    paul, It is not possible to make your compiled application work with just the JRE native method DLLs without hacking JET runtime. Our product makes sure you do not break the JRE Binary Code License. If you mean your company has the JRE Source Code License, we could create a custom version of Excelsior JET for you not having that restriction. Contact us at java@excelsior-usa.com for details.
  20. snowman

    Question re: version 311

    That SWT demo was compiled using the JetPerfect Global Optimizer. See the "Hello, world" sample in the [tt]samples\JetPerfect[/tt] subdirectory of your Excelsior JET installation. It should compile to a less than 1MB EXE. Refer to the respective Chapter of the User's Guide for details.
  21. snowman

    Ask one question about JET 3.11

    There is a list of SWT resources at the bottom of the JET SWT page: http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetswt.html
  22. snowman

    How to upgrade to 311

    First and foremost, 3.11 is not a minor version update. The previous public release was 3.0, 3.1 Evaluation was set to appear on the Sun Solutions CD this June, but we then made a few fixes so chnaged version to 3.11. Neither it is a pure bug fixing release. It adds a new powerful feature (JIT cache optimization) to the Pro Edition, and all-new application deployment tools (JetPackII and Excelsior Installer) to both retail Editions. If you are a v3.0 user and do not need these new features, just skip this upgrade. And if there are bugs in v3.0 that prevent your succesful use of the product, you do not have to pay the (full) upgrade price to have them fixed. See below for details, but let me make some general notice first. We constantly update and enhance out test suite and we have code coverage in place, but if you do not inform us of the particular problem in our product that you have experienced, it may never get fixed. THEREFORE: Should you encounter a defect in our product that you would like to have eliminated, report it to us ASAP. We accept defect report from all users, including those who downloaded the free Personal Edition or the Evaluation Package, because it improves the quality of our product. The only difference your support level makes in that regard is the priority assigned to the bug or misfeature you reported. (Companies that pay $1,5K per year for Premium Support expect that we shall solve their problems at maximum possible speed, putting aside the issues reported by Personal Edition users. I hope you would agree that this is fair enough.) Now, suppose you have reported a problem in an older version and our engineers have found that it is not present in the current version. What we would do then is we would estimate the effort required to fix that problem in the old version, and if it appears to be more than just changing a few lines of code, we would offer you a substantial discount on the upgrade. Finally, it is in our best interest that the maximum number of users upgrades to the current version, because it reduces the load on our technical support. That is why we keep Maintenance Contracts so cheap in comparison with a single upgrade price. You can get 1 year of free upgrades at $150 ($50 for the Standard Edition) if you purchase a Maintenance Contract together with the product or renew it in time, whereas a major version upgrade (e.g. 2.x to 3.x) is currently priced at $375 ($100). I think this is an important issue, so I shall make this topic sticky for some time (it will appear at the top of the forum). If you have more questions on our upgrade policy, post them here or email to sales@excelsior.usa.com.
  23. snowman

    How to upgrade to 311

    If you have an active Maintenance Contract or if you purchased v3.0 30 days or less before the v3.11 release date (April 28th, 2003), you should receive the upgrade for free. If you did not receive it, email our Sales Dept. Otherwise, you need to purchase an upgrade through our Web store.
  24. snowman

    Exporting methods in DLL

    You have to use the Invocation API. Have a look at the samples in samples\Invocation.
  25. snowman

    installing compiler on Redhat Linux 8.0

    This problem is fixed in v2.51, which you may download now.