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  1. snowman

    installing linux-compiler on debian 3.0

    In general, you do not need to rebuild the runtime library if you do not experience link errors. Native XDS-x86 for Linux has been updated to v2.51, in which the problem you reported is fixed. Please download the new version. It was built on RedHat 8 (glibc version 2.2.93) and linked statically, so it should work on earlier systems too if you rebuild the runtime library (we tested it on RedHat 6.2).
  2. snowman

    Excelsior Stopped working

    With JET prior to v3.0, you have to do a complete reinstall. With JET 3.0, you just have to run JET Setup from Excelsior JET Start Menu and precompile JRE 1.4.1. You may then switch between the precompiled JREs at any time.
  3. snowman

    windows 98 -gui+ and threads

    This looks like a known problem a fix for which is already available. Please email our Tech Support at java@excelsior-usa.com and they will send you the fix. This fix will be included in Excelsior JET 3.0 Maintenance Pack 1.
  4. snowman

    Personal Edition Limitations ?

    Hi Bert, The Personal Edition is intended for private use and as such does not support application deployment. You should download the 60-days Evaluation Package, which is functionally equivalent to the Professional Edition, and use the JetPack utility to package your compiled apps for deployment to other computers. Please refer to the Chapter "Deployment Automation" in the User's Guide for details. Please refer to the FAQ for details on what is required to run your JET-compiled app on other systems.
  5. JFCMark is a new JFC/Swing benchmark suite available for free download in the source code form. Visit /jfcmark.html for details. Please feel free to use this board to post your JFCMark results, ask questions about the benchmark and suggest improvements.
  6. snowman

    Binding resources

    You cannot bind individual .gifs, but if you package them into a .jar, you will be able to bind that .jar.
  7. snowman

    Installation file sizes with JRE included

    If you can afford JET Pro, you may compile your app into a single EXE using JetPerfect Global Optimizer. The EXE would be larger, but would not require JET run-time DLLs. Refer to the chapter "JetPerfect" in the User's Guide for details. If you can move from Swing/AWT to SWT, you may get rid of the JRE either. See http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetswt.html for details. Otherwise, check out JExePack from Duckware (http://www.duckware.com/jexepack/index.html).
  8. snowman

    Native x86 for W.; v. 2.50; ASSERT ?

    This is a memory manager ASSERT. The most likely cause is heap corruption.
  9. snowman


  10. You need to initialize XDS runtime before calling functions from your M2 DLL. See procedure XDSRTL_Init in DEF\XDS\XDSRTL.def.
  11. snowman

    Help with my debugging method

    Have you tried using HIS or running your program in the XD debugger to find out where it crashes and why? If yes and you still cannot understand the problem, post a minimal sample that has that problem here (or email it to XDS support if you are a registered user.)
  12. You should upgrade to v2.51 or at least install the JetPack Update for v2.5, as there were many fixes in JetPack after v2.5 initial release. Please visit the JET downloads page at www.excelsior-usa.com/jetdl.html
  13. snowman


    No we do not have a FreeBSD version. But, as far as I know, the latest versions of FreeBSD provide a Linux compatibility layer or something like that, so perhaps you could run the Linux version there? Technically, it should be easy to port XDS-x86 to FreeBSD, but given the low demand even on the Windows platform, it makes little sense for us to do that. At the same time, we make custom ports for our clients, for instance, there exists Native XDS-PowerPC for OS-9.
  14. snowman

    Problems with Weblogic 6.1 RMI

    Try running your client as follows: [pre]SET JETVMPROP=-Djet.usejre YourClient.exe[/pre] We provide technical support to users of the Evaluation Package. You may contact our Support Department at support@excelsior-usa.com, or by filling a form at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetsupportform1.html. Please report if setting the jet.usejre property as described above had any (positive) effect on your client.
  15. snowman

    JCE trouble with deployed application

    Unfortunately, updates addressing issues in run-time support for JET version 2.5 and prior are not easy to create for technical reasons. We are changing the respective components, so version 3.0 shall not have this problem. We also plan improvements to self-help facilities - FAQ updates, Knowledge Base creation, etc. Thank you for the sharp criticism - it will certainly help me raise more resources for that work.
  16. snowman

    Where can I find JET PACK ?

    You can also try JetPack by downloading the Evaluation Package from: http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetdleval.html It has all features of the Professional Edition but times out in 60 days. Before installation, make sure to remove from your system the Personal Edition and any .sym/.bod/.obj files it has produced, to avoid conflicts.
  17. snowman

    Deployment Issue

    Sure: http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetdleval.html Has all features of the Professional Edition but times out in 60 days.
  18. snowman

    calling dll functions

    Well, my native language is Russian and I do not know Spanish, so we would have to communicate in English. Forget about dllRTS. ALL core Win32 API functions, including EnumProcesses, are defined in the module Windows, for your convenience. Just import that module as desribed in my post above. It works almost like [tt]#include <windows.h>[/tt] works in C/C++. See the sample in XDS\samples\Generic, would you please? It uses a lot of Windows APIs. The module Windows is in XDS\def\Win32.
  19. snowman

    calling dll functions

    Do you have problems reading the User's Guide? It is all described in the chapters I mentioned. To access the User's Guide, select Help/Contents in the XDS Environment. As for your question, you do not have to load USER32.DLL. Definitions of Win32 core functions are provided in the module Windows. (DEF\WIN32\Windows.def in your XDS directory). You just have to import it: IMPORT Windows; VAR hwnd: Windows.HWND; . . . hwnd := Windows.GetActiveWindow();
  20. snowman

    calling dll functions

    See Native XDS-x86 User's Guide, Chapters "Multilanguage Programming", "Using the Win32 API", and "Managing Libraries". See also http://www.aha.ru/~uranus for sample API definitions. Consider using H2D for automaded .h to .def conversion.
  21. snowman

    xds win32 lib info

    http://msdn.microsoft.com See also XDS sample in samples\generic and M2/O2 Sources Store at http://www.aha.ru/~uranus/
  22. snowman

    xFunction and Jet

    Much slower than we hoped it will, due to low availability of resources.
  23. snowman

    xFunction and Jet

    No fixed date has been set yet. All I can say at the moment is that JET 3.0 definitely will not be available earlier than the second half or October 2002.
  24. snowman

    xFunction and Jet

    We have just implemented the Windows NT Service API for JET and are now documenting it. It is not yet decided whether it will be available as an update to v2.5 or only as part of v3.0. There is a number of third party products that allow you to run your Java application as a service. We expect most if not all of them will work with JET. Do a search for "Java NT Service" on Google.
  25. snowman

    JET Eval 2.51 and JDK1.3.1_04

    JET is desinged to work with "known" versions of the JDK. JDK 1.3.1_04 was released after JET 2.51, so that JDK is not supported in v2.51. There will be an update to JET available soon.