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  1. You are right, a JET-compiled Java program needs just a few DLLs from the JRE. Unfortunately, the JRE binary license prohibits partial redistribution, whereas the source license costs five figure annually and the application process takes several months, with no success guaranteed.
  2. My understanding is that if some AWT class gets initiliazed (even if it never gets instantiated) that has a native method, then the respective DLL from the JRE will be required at run-time. So any use of AWT, whether in your program or in a third-party library used by your program, may make the compiled program JRE-dependent. One of the ways to figure out whether that is true for your particular application is to compile it and try to deploy, without adding the JRE to the archive, onto a system that does not have that JRE installed. You may also consider running your app on the JVM in verbose mode and see whether any java.awt.* classes get loaded.
  3. snowman

    jdbc-odbc driver?

    Well then I am surprised that it does not work. Would you please email a small sample illustrating the problem to java@excelsior-usa.com?
  4. snowman

    jdbc-odbc driver?

    Yes, just add that DLL to the EXE's project file: [tt] !module classes12.dll[/tt]
  5. snowman

    jdbc-odbc driver?

    I meant the jar containing the bridge, not the JDK classes. When adding that jar(s) to the ClassPath Entries list, select that you want all classes to be compiled. If you already have it added, click its (the jar's) icon as I previously described.
  6. Most probably, some resource file, e.g. image, could not be found. You have to either bind resources to the EXE or set up the CLASSPATH variable. Please refer to the Chapter "Application Considerations", section "Resource Binding" in the User's Guide. If you are a registered JET PE user, you may report your problems to the Tech Support for fastest replies.
  7. snowman

    jdbc-odbc driver?

    You have to manually force the driver's classes into the compilation set, because they are not explicitly imported but loaded dynamically by JDBC. In the JET control panel, go to the "Classes" page and click the icon of the driver's jar in the classpath until it changes to "included" (see the legend at the bottom), then rebuild your application.
  8. snowman

    Jet evaluation install trouble

    Actually, JET tells you that you cannot use it in a business environment except for evaluation purposes It is not clear what is giving you "out of memory" messages - the control panel, the compiler, or the compiled application? How much RAM do you have in your system?
  9. snowman

    JET dll's from VBA and Excel

    Due to VB/Java runtime conflicts, you may not call Java code directly from VB6/VBA, regardless of whether that code is executed on a JVM or as a JET-compiled DLL. But this kind of integration is perfectly possible via COM. We have just completed the respective VB6 sample and plan to prepare an Excel sample this week.
  10. snowman

    Compiling Eclipse

    Unfortunately, Eclipse cannot be compiled by JET 2.5 due to a known issue in the classloader implementation. It is going to be fixed in v3.0, due this fall, and Eclipse will be part of the 3.0's test suite.
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  12. snowman

    Not even the simplest VB dll?

    1. Instead of the function name, you have to specify the name of the DLL entry point for that function, which can be e.g. "_SaySomething@0". To determine the entry point name, do a Quick View on that DLL from Windows Explorer and scroll down to the Export Table section. 2. You have to ensure that your exported function has stdcall calling convention. 3. In general, making direct VB<->Java calls is not recommended due to conflicts between their runtime environments. You should use a Java to COM/ActiveX bridge instead. Do a search for Jacob or Bridge2Java on your favorite Internet search engine.
  13. snowman

    Pricing of JET Professional

    We certainly cannot do this for the current version, because it has been available for purchase for almost three months now, and among its purchasers there may be non-commercial developers like you. Introducing a reduced price now would put them at a disadvantage. We are considering for the next version: - cheaper packages with 30 days Getting Started Support only (30 days since first contact of Q&A support by email, bug reports are not limited by the 30-days period.) - academic pricing Ok, please do that.
  14. snowman


    You may not call Java mehthods directly from C++ or Delphi. You have to use the Invocation API. See the sample in [tt]samples\Invocation\DelphiMain[/tt]
  15. Well, JET is not free (except for the Personal Edition), so the programmers willing to make changes to your open source software would have to buy JET. As for the Personal Edition, its license prohibits deployment. So we would suggest you to use the JVM as the default and provide JET project files as an option for those who owns a commercial license for JET or would be willing to download the Personal Edition. See for instance the WebDocWf project on SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/webdocwf/ (check out EnhydraWin32 in downloads)
  16. snowman

    Troubleshooting jet and jetpack.

    The JetPack Update has just been refereshed with a few more fixes - please try downloading and installing it again. If the problem persists, report it to our Support Dept. at java@excelsior-usa.com As for EXE not running by itself, but working through the .bat file - have a look inside that bat file - perhaps that would give you the answer why it is required - or post it here for somebody to explain
  17. snowman

    Troubleshooting jet and jetpack.

    Did you install the JetPack update from http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetdl25jpu.html?
  18. snowman

    stand-alone .exe

    JET FAQ: http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetfaq.html#apprtreq It is very clearly stated what files are required at runtime and that JetPack is not available in the Personal Edition. After all, it was your decision to download and try the software, wasn't it?
  19. snowman

    stand-alone .exe

    The sample in samples\JetPerfect should in fact produce a standalone exe. However, before you build you app in JetPerfect mode, you have to build in normal mode and run it with a special property set to gather the usage list. If you look into samples\JetPerfect\build.bat, you would immediately notice that. Apparently, the second (JetPerfect) build has failed for some reason and you are trying to deploy the first EXE, which was built in normal mode and thus requires run-time DLLs. Please check the output generated when you invoke build.bat - are there any error messages?
  20. snowman

    xFunction.dll crashes JAVA

    char* in your case points to raw data, whereas CSTRING should be used for zero-terminated character strings only. Use char* instead.
  21. snowman

    Crash in compiler

    First of all, make sure you have the Maintenance Pack 1 installled: http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetdl25mp1.html MP1 fixes a number of compiler bugs. If it does not help, please zip the files and email to java@excelsior-usa.com or upload to [ftp]ftp.excelsior-usa.com/incoming[/ftp] (write-only) and drop us a note.
  22. snowman

    Problem with encryption/decryption

    Our engineers need to be able to reproduce the problem. Would anybody who is affected be so kind and email us a sample Java encryption program that is known to work as a jar but refuses to work as an EXE? Please do not forget to include the respective JET project and .bat files and to describe the environment (at least versions of the OS and JDK). Please email your sample to java@excelsior-usa.com
  23. snowman


    See the Chapter "Deployment Automation" in the User's Guide.
  24. snowman

    Installation problem...

    please, email the build logs remaining after the installation failure in your TEMP directory and in the directory to which you tried to install JET 2.5 to java@excelsior-usa.com
  25. snowman

    JET 2.1 support

    There was just one download for 2.1 - a hotfix for compilation of the Enhydra app server. Technical support for registered customers is available at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetsupport.html.