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  1. Pricing for freeware/shareware authors

    We understand even $450 is too much for a shareware author. And what we need more than money is help in spreading the word about our product. In fact, we have already extended discounts of up to 100% to a few authors in exchange for the promotion of our tool. If you have good quality products, a decent Web site, established user base and so on, would you consider publishing some links and information about the benefits of using our product for the optimization and packaging of your product? Or maybe you could write a success story, performance study, or something like that? Take a look at the Case Studies section for samples.
  2. Pricing for freeware/shareware authors

    All Excelsior JET purchases now include 1 year of support and upgrades. Excelsior JET 4.1 Professional Edition with 1 year of Standard Support and upgrades used to cost $1,680. Version 4.5 costs $2,300. This is less than 37% price increase. Until August 15th, the cost is $1,725 - less than 3% above the list price for 4.1. Finally, we still offer very special conditions for academic users and are introducing non-commercial use licenses. Give us a few more days to update our online store.
  3. Excelsior JET 4.5 Released!

    Excelsior JET 4.5 is available for immediate evaluation and purchase. Now Excelsior JET may help you reduce the download size of your Java application, thanks to the brand new global optimizer and advanced compression algorithms. Improvements to the Excelsior JET Installation Toolkit include Excelsior Installer for Linux and ability to rebrand the Windows version of Excelsior Installer. Ease-of-use enhancements, reduced application memory usage, and JIT compiler speedup are also among the major improvements. The Enterprise Edition has been introduced, featuring unlimited redistribution license for the Server Runtime. Click here for details or download your fully functional Excelsior JET 4.5 Evaluation Package now. Finally, we are offering substantial savings on purchases of new Excelsior JET 4.5 licenses through August 15th, 2006. Please feel free to forward this information to your friends and colleagues who you think might be interested in Excelsior JET.
  4. Beta Question

    In such situations, we decide on a case-by-case basis. If you have created a quality game and a decent Web site to support it, we are interested in you promoting Excelsior JET in exchange for a huge discount. Please provide more details on your game or post its home page URL. Side note: The Academic License is limited to academic use, i.e. education or research, and would terminate upon your graduation, unless you continue your academic career.
  5. Beta Question

    No, except for the purposes of beta testing. Note they will time out soon.
  6. (Legal) Using Jet with libraries

    When in doubt over a legal issue, consult a lawyer or at least read a book written by a lawyer. Reciprocity and the GPL is a chapter of one such book called "Open Source Licensing", and it has a section on LGPL on page 121. It is not very enlightening or encouraging, though: . . . These sections of the LGPL are an impenetrable maze of technological babble. They should not be in a general-purpose software license. The LGPL even concedes that ?the threshold for this to be true is not precisely defined by law.? (LGPL section 5.) A licensee under these provisions won?t have a clue how extensive his or her good faith efforts must be when creating a derivative work in accordance with the LGPL. . . . Food for thought: LGPL is not limited to Java, right? Suppose I get an LGPL library written in C or C++, compile it with MSVC, and link statically to my C++ app. This is not much different to compiling an LGPL jar with Excelsior JET. I think this has been discussed many times in C/C++ forums and newsgroups - do a search. How is all that licensing supposed to work if you use GCJ? Perhaps there is an answer in its mailing lists... P.S. I have just checked the GCJ FAQ- the GCJ runtime library, [tt]libgcj[/tt], is not LGPL, but GPL with 'libgcc exception'.
  7. We will be releasing Excelsior JET 4.5 in a couple of weeks. Version 4.5 will in particular enable you to substantially reduce the download size of your optimized applications and to rebrand your installation packages powered by Excelsior Installer. Ease-of-use enhancements and JIT compiler speedup are also among the major improvements. Read the full announcement Download Excelsior JET 4.5 Release Candidate
  8. What happend to 3.5 MB Swing sample?

    That was an SWT sample, not Swing, and it used JRE 1.3. Swing apps optimized by that old version of Excelsior JET required the entire JRE due to the JRE binary license. That technique was also limited to J2SE 1.4.2 and below, difficult to use and error-prone. Finally, it was not Java spec compliant, so we had to remove it, as passing the compliance tests is a must when you license the Java technology. Thanks to that technology licensing deal with Sun, the current version 4.1 creates executables that run without the JRE, no matter whether your app uses Swing or any other platform API. And in version 4.5 we will introduce a feature enabling you to create downloads smaller than the JRE (see the roadmap), so stay tuned.
  9. Max. size of type

    XDS compiler development is not compeltely closed. We still make custom Modula-2 compilers and converters to C based on XDS. See e.g. this press-release.
  10. Max. size of type

    Unfortunately, I cannot research this academic question further at this time, as the respective engineers are very busy getting Excelsior JET 4.5 ready for release. Let's say for now that it is a limitation of our implementation.
  11. Max. size of type

    When M2BASE16 is on, you still have the 32-bit types available to do the calculations with type sizes.
  12. Support

    1. We do not seem to have recevied your support request. Please let us know to which address you have sent it. 2. The user/password combination for downloading product updates is present in the email message we sent you on April 20, the next day after your Excelsior JET purchase. Just in case you have since lost that message, we have emailed the combination to the email address you specified when ordering the product. Please confirm that you have received it. If you have more questions, email our engineering team or open a support ticket.
  13. Support

    I am writing this from a computer from which I cannnot access our intranet, so I cannot check the status of your request, sorry. We normally send the user/password in one business day. Check your junk mail folder, perhaps your spam filter does not like the fact the mail is from "sales" or something like that...
  14. From Cardinal to Integer.

    VAL works for selected pairs of types, SYSTEM.CAST works for any types of same size, but the semantics of these two functions is different. Read the docs for details.
  15. Max. size of type

    Because you may wish to assign the result of SIZE() to an INTEGER variable or pass it to a parameter of type INTEGER, and so on. In short, this makes life easier.
  16. File system in modual 2.

    Read the library docs - there is too much information in there to copy into a forum post.
  17. From Cardinal to Integer.

    You are looking for the built-in function VAL(type, expression). VAR c: CARDINAL; i: INTEGER; . . . i := VAL (INTEGER, c); . . .
  18. Max. size of type

    Because it must fit into INTEGER.
  19. Standard vs Professional?

    Note you can crossgrade from Standard to Professional at any point in the future, just make sure to keep the product version current by purchasing and renewing the annual Maintenance Contract. If the cost of the Professional Edition is too high for an up front payment, consider purchasing a Lease-To-Own subscription instead.
  20. I need to review the license, but if it indeed prohibits modification, a quick workaround is to write mysignal.def re-exporting all types and procedures from signal.def that were not changed, and redefining the types and procedures that were changed. Also, are you using Native XDS-x86 or XDS-C?
  21. This topic has been moved to Defect Reports. [iurl]http://www.excelsior-usa.com/forum/index.php?topic=829.0[/iurl]
  22. An add-on for Excelsior JET 4.1 is available that adds support for Java SE 5.0 Update 6.
  23. I'm doing up some x86 man pages

    Something like this: The XDS family of Modula-2/Oberon-2 products is copyright © 1999-2005 Excelsior LLC. All Rights Rerserved.
  24. Question on project files

    You can pass the timestamp into your program through an environment variable. See XDS User's Guide, Chapter "Compiler options and equations", section "The system module COMPILER". There is also an undocumented "constant" COMPILER.TIMESTAMP, which always equals the current timestamp in the packed format: MODULE TimeStamp; IMPORT COMPILER, SysClock, TimeConv; VAR dt: SysClock.DateTime; BEGIN TimeConv.unpack(dt, COMPILER.TIMESTAMP); (* Now you can access dt.year, dt.month and so on *) END TimeStamp. BTW, FileSys.ModifyTime returns the file's timestamp in the same packed format.