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  1. Download Your 90-Days Evaluation Copy

    New and Noteworthy

    Support for Java SE 7

    Excelsior JET 9 supports Java SE 7 Update 40 out of the box, later updates will be supported through add-ons, as usual.

    New Platform

    Linux x64 is added to the list of supported platforms.

    Other improvements

    Stack trace printing is now enabled by default, so as to improve the de-facto compatibility with other Java implementations.

    New And Improved in The 64-bit Version

    • Linux support
    • Compilation time reduced by 10% on average
    • Compiler memory footprint 3x lower
    • Application performance improvements:
      • 1.2x improvement of SPECjvm2008 composite score
      • 1.6x to 2x higher performance of selected tests from EEMBC and DaCapo benchmark suites.

    Download Your 90-Days Evaluation Copy

  2. Update: The 2013 campaign is over, results posted to the blog.

    Last year, we raised $5,690 for the Give Life Foundation by selling Excelsior JET, Standard Edition at a nominal fee.

    We are doing this again, with a few differences:

    • The beneficiary is a local foundation called Save Life (Web site in Russian.) It helps children and young adults that require expensive treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.
    • Prices are not fixed, but more like “pay what you can”, with several tiers.
    • Those who give $50 or more will receive a free upgrade to Excelsior JET 9 in January. Yes, with Java 7 support.
    • The campaign will end a bit earlier, on December 25, so that we could make the donation before the end of the year, for tax purposes.

    Learn more and participate

  3. What's new:

    • All JCK tests pass, so formally we can ship any day.
    • The optimizing compiler was able to handle 97 methods out of 100 in our own tests.

    Now, please download Excelsior JET 8.0 Beta 3 for Windows (64-bit) and check it on your side!

    Known Problem

    In some rare circumstances, the beta 3 compiler may run out of memory. We have already identified the root cause, but the fix has arrived a bit too late for the beta 3 train. To work around that problem, add the following line to the top of the project build script created by the JET Control Panel:

    set jetvmprop=-Djet.gc.heaplimit=1024m

    and run that script to build your project.


    The best way to report a bug is to select the Open Support Ticket item in the Help menu. That would automatically fill in the fields concerning your operating system version and hardware configuration.

    Please direct all other feedback to java@excelsior-usa.com, or post it in the comments below.

  4. Badly i can't afford the cost of a Proffessional/Enterprise license, so i can't use the encrypt option. Anyways thanks for your reply, it cleared almost all my doubts.

    Did you know that we have a discount program for startups and other small businesses?

    In any case, you may use a name obfuscator such as ProGuard for extra protection. Refer to the following Knowledge Base article for details:

    HOWTO: Maximize protection of your application against reverse engineering

  5. So the final result is a C++ like app which can't be decompiled nor available to get the code by memory dump?

    Yes, the final result is an executable containing optimized native code, as if you wrote your program in C++. A skilled engineer can decompile it "by hand", but that is much more expensive compared to running your jar file through a Java decompiler.

  6. 1) When come out a new version of XDS?

    No idea, to be honest. Everyone is busy in other projects...

    2) Will be, improved the procedure inlining mechanism? Because, according to this review, it does not always work correctly.


    3) Do you plan adding Component Pascal to the list of supported languages​​?


    4) Do you plan adding support for x64 as the target platform for the Native XDS compiler?


  7. We have released Excelsior JET 7.6 Maintenance Pack 5, optionally bundled with the Java SE 6 Update 37 support add-on. Worth applying if you have been experiencing any issues or need to bring the Java SE 6 version up to date.

    If you are a paying customer of Excelsior JET 7.6, but the download instructions for the above updates are neither in your inbox nor in the junk mail box, request them from our Support Dept. at support@excelsior-usa.com.

  8. We have released Excelsior JET 7.6 Maintenance Pack 4, optionally bundled with the Java SE 6 Update 34 support add-on. MP4 also enables support for Equinox OSGi 3.8 and Eclipse RCP 4.2 in the Enterprise Edition.

    If you are a paying customer of Excelsior JET 7.6, but the download instructions for the above updates are neither in your inbox nor in the junk mail box, request them from our Support Dept. at support@excelsior-usa.com.

  9. We have fully implemented threading and synchronization, object allocation, call stack scanning, exception handling, and JNI in the 64-bit version of Excelsior JET. Now THE testing begins: we have compiled the "official" Java Compatibility Kit test suite (200,000 individual test cases) into a native executable. Many tests have passed on first try, which is encouraging.

  10. It seems you guys need a reality check.

    First, when XDS sales dropped to zero - there had been literally no sales for about a year - we had two options:

    • Dtop the product altogether, as we did with another failed product
    • Release it as freeware with no obligations on support and/or further development

    We opted for the latter.

    Second, Excelsior is a commercial company. We have a selling product that has many more paying customers than XDS ever had. We have clients paying us for software engineering services. We also mentor interns and teach a course on compiler construction at the local Uni. All this leaves very little room to work on a product put aside many years ago.

    Finally, the few remaining employees that worked on XDS back in the 1990s now have families, other projects, and other interests. Even when they have spare time, they are not necessarily willing to spend it on XDS.

    You are nearly a couple of decades late. Sorry.

  11. Then, what is technology that you propose in XDS to developing GUI applications for Win32? WinAPI only?


    Eh, easy development of GUI apps is unsolved problem in XDS-x86.

    Yes. The best attempt to solve this problem was Amadeus-3. It did not take off the ground.

    And I think it does not promote the growing to popularity of the product, in spite of its perfect code optimization.

    You are perfectly correct. But why do you think we are interested in investing in the growth of the popularity of XDS?

    Problem is, there is no market for Modula-2/Oberon-2, and we are not in a position to create it. But we like the languages and have some good connections in their communities. That is why we set XDS free instead of dropping it altogether.