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  1. hady

    DSO missing from command line,

    Hello, Dave. The gcc failure may be caused by an absence of "ncurses" library in your Linux setup. Check the advice here: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-install-ncurses-library-headers-on-debian-ubuntu-centos-fedora/ Hope it helps. Regards, Andrey
  2. Did you try the "=browse" mode of the compiler? If you type in the command line xc =browse myModule then compiler will read "myModule.sym" symfile and produce "myModule.odf" file, which is plain ASCII file with pseudo-definition of the "myModule" module.
  3. We are pleased to announce that the public beta of the new version 2.2 of Excelsior Delivery is available for download. The major new feature of this release is the support for MSI installation format which is the native format for Windows Installer. The Packager now can export your project as a set of XML source code for building your installer in MSI format with WiX utility. The Packager can also invoke WiX tools directly, enabling you to use Excelsior Delivery as a GUI wizard for WiX. You may also use this feature to migrate your project to a WiX-based setup authoring tool if necessary. If you are interested to try this new feature please visit this page. To learn more about WiX toolset please visit this page.
  4. Skott, I am sorry for misleading you with errinfo files. Shame for me, I should know we have no such feature on Linux. So the case is more complicated then I expected. I propose to move our discussion to support e-mail. Please respond to this post directly to support@excelsior-usa.com, I'll ask guys there to forward it to me. Could you give a code sample that makes compiler to crash with .sym files necessary to compile it. Also it would be greatly helpfull if you give some description on: - what Linux are you using - what is compiler version are you using (e.g. what it prints when starting compilation, text like "XDS Oberon-2 v2.40 [x86, v1.50] - build 02.02.2004") - any details on what changes did you made in the source to make it so dangeroes Regards, Andrey
  5. Skott, after the crash compiler shoud drop stack trace to the file "errinfo.$$$" in the same folder with compiler executable. Could you check if it exists there and send me it if so. Just copy-paste its contents. Thanks, Andrey
  6. hady

    Application files

    Well... The thing you need to know is about VisualStudio and/or .NET framework. Pity I know very little about them both, so I'm afraid I cannot help you much. .NET application can be in various forms and first you need to know which form has your app and what files it consists of. Check these articles: http://www.startvbdotnet.com/extras/deploy.aspx http://www.codeguru.com/Csharp/.NET/net_general/visualstudionetadd-ins/article.php/c7219/ They can give a common idea what to dig inside your Release folder and how to determine file set of your application. To make sure you know fileset right, try to manually copy these files to some computer (preferably without Developer Studio installed) and run your application there. If it runs OK, then you know your files right. Our Installer then will be able to help you to automate this "copy files" process. Regards, Andrey
  7. Hello! A small (280kB) free calculator application packed by this installer can be downloaded here: http://www.excelsior-usa.com/download/cccalc/install-cccalc.exe Thanks to Thierry for the idea. Andrey Khapugin
  8. kwgpc, Sorry for late answer, e-mail notification didn't come for some reason. Thank you for warm words. No, we have no "pro" version for the moment. We just plan it for some undefined future. BTW, what would you expect from "Pro" of such a product? Or is there something you'd like to have now? Regards, Andrey Khapugin
  9. tmilard, thank you for the good idea. We'll definitely do it. Andrey