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  1. Wow! ...and shocking! I guess this might affect a number of your customers then? We'll be changing our product lines over the next few days... Thanks for your help in this! Cheers
  2. Hi zztop, Now, I may have misled you in my previous email - we note that $root is used by JET. but we don't actually use it in our software - instead we look at this Java property if we need to: System.getProperty("user.dir") And in most cases we assume that for any files opened, the Java/JET environment will point to the working directory, e.g: pw = new PrintWriter(new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter("output.txt"))); Now, when we installed the software to a directory not under 'Program Files' (we used 'C:\TESTDIR') the software worked fine! ) Do you know what might be happening then? Thanks
  3. Hi zztop, Good question - I think we're using the $root value in JetPackII, which we're hoping gets automatically set to either the default installation directory or the directory selected by the user during installation. Is that in itself enough? We don't set any environment variable.
  4. Carried out further testing, and rebuilt all of the application in JET from scratch using the JET and JetPack II user interfaces and the Java build text from Intellij IDEA, but problem still remains. Essentially something is going wrong between the JetPack II trial application (which works fine) and the deployed application installation, which seems not to be able to read/write files in the working directory. Is anyone else having problems of this nature?
  5. This is a wierd one! We're now finding that compiled executables that have been available to our customers for some time are no longer working on the latest releases of Windows Vista and even XP. The problem seems to be related to the working directory, although after many hours of debugging we've not established exactly what the problem is yet. The application runs fine even in JetPackII trial version, but after deployment it doesn't. Anyone else having problems here? Perhaps there is something we need to add to the JET build files or even JetPack itself to explicitly set the working directory?
  6. Qdex

    Using the SmartCard IO API

    Wow, that's great news - fantastic support! I'll email you for the hotfix... Thanks for your help!
  7. Qdex

    Using the SmartCard IO API

    I use the Java 6 Smartcard API now - here is a link: http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/jre/api/security/smartcardio/spec/javax/smartcardio/package-summary.html Is this covered by JET 6.0? I'll check the class paths and get back to you...
  8. Hi there, My Java application runs fine under Intellij IDEA, but when I compile using JET 6.0 it no longer detects any card readers and therefore can no longer communicate with the smart card in my reader. I used to use the Open Card Framework (OCF), but Sun has now included a smartcard API in Java SE 1.6. Does JET support this in 6.0?
  9. Ok, I'm embarrassed - that'll teach me to change two things at once (JET version and addition of new method)!! I've now placed appropriate try/catch statements in the method as some filename lengths were short and this causes String indexes to go negative Thanks for the quick response and also the information on the stack trace command, as this quickly allowed me to home in on the problem. JET continues to perform extremely well! Cheers Gary
  10. Ok, I got the following extra information: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String ind ex out of range: -2 ? ? ? ? at java.lang.String.<unknown>(Unknown Source) ? ? ? ? at com.xxx.CFRLocatorHome.MapManager.scanForMaps(Unknown Source) ? ? ? ? at com.xxx.CFRLocatorHome.MapManager.<init>(Unknown Source) ? ? ? ? at com.xxx.CFRLocatorHome.CFRLocator.<init>(Unknown Source) ? ? ? ? at com.xxx.CFRLocatorHome.CFRLocator.main(Unknown Source) The scanForMaps() method is new in fact, and it looks for map files in the program directory, by first calling: File[] children = dir.listFiles(); then parsing filenames... I'm confused now as the method should either work all of the time, or not at all. I'll attempt to debug myself for the moment, then get back to you as the problem may well be mine. Thanks
  11. I've upgraded from v4.5. I'll enable the tracing and report back... Cheers
  12. Hi there, I've just upgraded to JET v4.8 Standard Edition, and I'm getting this error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String ind ex out of range: -2 ? ? ? ? at java.lang.Void.<unknown>(Unknown Source) ? ? ? ? at java.lang.Void.<unknown>(Unknown Source) ? ? ? ? at java.lang.Void.<unknown>(Unknown Source) ? ? ? ? at java.lang.Void.<unknown>(Unknown Source) This is in the main() method and occurs at the point where my own program class is about to be called.? Now this only happens if I do a 'Trial Run' in JetPack II - if I run the main executable on my development machine there is no problem. Any ideas?
  13. Qdex

    Using the JavaComm API

    More good news...!! It seems that I can make a test deployment with JET v3.7 RC1 after all (I'll need to check on the licencing in due course for rolling out commercial software)... and after having done this, it worked !! many thanks zztop, for your help. Cheers
  14. Qdex

    Using the JavaComm API

    Good news! After installing JET v3.7 I tried the examples then my own JET project and it works fine! I had to make sure the following files were in my program directory: comm.jar javax.comm.properties win32com.dll I then retried with v3.6, but no joy. For information, I was using J2SE 1.4.2_04 with JET v3.6 and J2SE 1.4.2_07 with JET v3.7, although I don't think this is an issue. So, staying with v3.7 I'd now like to deploy that executable using JETPack onto another (virgin) machine, but I'll need to upgrade first (I have a support agreement to cover this I think). I'll let you know how I get on...
  15. Qdex

    Using the JavaComm API

    Ok, I'm using JET 3.6 just now, but will try the samples with 1.7 first then report back... Cheers