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  1. easdown

    Linux ioctl

    I ended up using H2D to generate one from the linux C headers. I imaging you'd need to do the same thing for your flavour of linux.
  2. easdown

    Using H2D on linux

    I'm trying to use H2D to generate DEF files for a number of linux header files. The primary one of interest at the moment is "socket.h". I am using Fedora Core 2 as my linux distribution. When I tell H2D to do it's job, it stops when it hits an error in sys/cdefs.h which seems to imply that H2D doesn't know the header file syntax properly. The error I get is: H2D v1.31.0 © 1996-1997 xTech Ltd. File socket.h Error [ sys/cdefs.h 122:19 ] ** Expected end of line errors 1, warnings 0, lines 0. ----------------------------------------------------- Files 1, lines 0, errors 1, no warnings, time 0:0. Now, at that line we have the following code: #if __GNUC_PREREQ (2,97) I have also had errors such as: File /usr/include/linux/socket.h Error [ linux/posix_types.h 37:26 ] ** Expected constant expression where the offending line is: unsigned long fds_bits [__FDSET_LONGS]; and this seems to be an error where H2D doesn't cope with the constant expression __FDSET_LONGS defined by the previous lines: #undef __NFDBITS #define __NFDBITS (8 * sizeof(unsigned long)) #undef __FD_SETSIZE #define __FD_SETSIZE 1024 #undef __FDSET_LONGS #define __FDSET_LONGS (__FD_SETSIZE/__NFDBITS) There are other messages, but these are fairly indicative. Maybe I'm trying to convert the wrong socket API in the first place. If anyone has a suggestion, Id love to see it. Thanks in advance,
  3. I am trying to get a win32 application to compile under Linux. I have only just begun, but have run up against the lack of a TopSpeed Compatability Pack for Linux. Primarily, we need the Window module or an equivalent. Has anyone already ported it? Is there some other close approximation under linux already? It would also appear that we need to change references to WinSock to use Linux sockets interface. I'm guessing there will be a fair number of similar modules. Suggestions anyone? Thanks
  4. I have installed xds native v2.51 on Fedora Core 2. It seems to run OK, but I thought I'd try rebuilding the libxds.a for completeness. In doing so, I get an error indicating that "linux/user.h" is missing. Since there was no obvious need for the include within X2C.c, I removed the include. Now all compiles OK, with one exception. I get a number of warnings stating that calls to signal(SIGSEGV,X2C_SIGSEGV_handler); are using an incompatible pointer type for X2C_SIGSEGV_handler. I changed the definition of X2C_SIGSEGV_handler so that it is now static void X2C_SIGSEGV_handler(int sig, struct sigcontext_struct cntxt) { int i; signal(SIGSEGV,X2C_SIGSEGV_handler); if(cntxt.trapno==4) X2C_TRAP_F(X2C_wholeValueException); else X2C_TRAP_F(X2C_invalidLocation); } Note that I added the static. All seems to compile now without any errors or warnings. If what I have done is wrong, please someone, let me know. Thanks