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  1. uditha

    Jet 3.7 Release Date

    How about the release date of the final version of jet 3.7
  2. uditha

    Windows CE

    Hi Is it possible to run a jet perfected (No jre, No DLL) stand-alone exe in Windows CE? Thanx
  3. I have a strange problem in may application after using Jet 3.15. I used to run my application about 25MB of heap where max heap was limited to 50MB (before 3.15). But now with Jet 3.15, application takes 200+MB of heap even if it is retricted to 50MB heap. This happens if I let the application run overnight (say for about 30hrs). My question is how is he taking 200+M of heap if it is restricted to 50M heap? This is a big problem in Jet 3.15 I think.
  4. Alo, Jet people ? Any plans to get source code lisence from Sun and say good bye to JRE ?
  5. uditha

    Ask one question about JET 3.11

    I don't understand what you are trying to say shell. Are you saying rt.jar should be included in the distribution ( according to the sun license, yes ) or not? What I say is Swing does not work properly without it.
  6. uditha

    Ask one question about JET 3.11

    Yo shell, you said, At this time, standalone (JRE-independent) executables are feasible only for applications not using Swing/AWT. ? JET compiles .class files to native code but it requires JRE for AWT toolkit. In fact, JET needs only native method DLLs from JRE and other parts are not required (for instance, the huge rt.jar is absolutely useless for JET). -------------------------------------------- This is not true. Because if rt.jar is removed from the jre, HTML components does not render properly. For example, multilined JLabels (html text) appear with blank text Uditha Nagahawatta
  7. I'm having a strange problem with my jet3 compiled application. The program disappears without any warning suddenly. I cannot simulate this problem because there is no pattern for this behavior. Because some times it exits while I?m using the program and some times when I?m not using it (when program is idle). First I thought that it was going out of memory, but then I realized that it only use 10M of heap (total allowed heap for the program is 40M). This problem is very common in IBM P4 computers. My application is a Swing based multi threaded real-time stock market information system with lots of JInternalframes. It takes 25M of heap at startup and then reduces to 10-15M during the normal operations Any Ideas why this is happening?
  8. uditha

    Compiler Crash

    Hi I'm getting a strange problem while compiling my application (has 590 clsses). Jet compiler crashes 90% of the time I compile it. Strange thing is it crashes in different classes each time. But it suceeds when I try about 10-20 times. My environment is Excelsior JET v3.0 Professional Edition Windows XP Professional 256 MB Ram P4 1.8 Ghz Processor Crash No 1 After 10%------------------------------------------ Optimizing invoke # Compilation of class EAX = 10000008 EBX = 3960 ECX = 3EB67 EDX = 0 ESI = 12A2525C EDI = 1DD547C EBP = 99 ESP = FEF6E4 EIP = 408C98 \n#RTS: unhandled exception 109: ASSERT(FALSE,109) at line 578 of xrMM.mod File errinfo.$$$ created. EAX = 10000008 EBX = 3960 ECX = 3EB67 EDX = 0 ESI = 12A2525C EDI = 1DD547C EBP = 99 ESP = FEF6E4 EIP = 408C98 Crash No 2 After 32%------------------------------ Optimizing # Compilation of class com/isi/csvr/table/Customizer failed: # invalid location EAX = 0 EBX = B9 ECX = 12467A00 EDX = 125C0CB8 ESI = 0 EDI = 1246DA70 EBP = 1 ESP = FEF724 EIP = 4C3D28 Above 2 crashes occued in 2 different classes. Please Please give me an answer why, how to avoid this. Uditha
  9. uditha

    Bug or My mistake

    Thanx Alex It worked. I could not use the JNI code cos I'm not a JNI/C++ expert. But I used Coroutine library (http://www.nevaobject.com) to call the LoadLibrary windows api
  10. uditha

    Bug or My mistake

    Hi Now I have a nother problem in my plugin enabled application. I can use Class.forname to load classes in my plugin dlls, but I can only do that if I have JETVMPROP=-dll.... entry. My requirement is to scan the Plugins folder in of application and dynamically load any dlls in it (in this case plugin class name is equal to the dll name). Therefore I cannot use the JETVMPROP setting since number of plugins in the folder may vary for each user. Note: plugins are downloaded automatically by the application depending on the user's subscription level. How can I get this Dynamic dll loading feature. Please help
  11. uditha

    Bug or My mistake

    Thanx Alex It worked Uditha Nagahawatta
  12. uditha

    Bug or My mistake

    I'm working on an application which has to support plugins like feature. For example, when I put a class (or a dll) in to the Plugins folder of the application must load it and activate the plugin. I was able to implement this feature without a problem with java, but does not work when compiled with jet ( I tried with both Jet Pro. versions of 2.51 and 3.0) 1. Once the application is started it loads both plugins (P1, P2) using class.forname() Class x = Class.forName(files); 2. Each plugin is casted to Plugin interface myplugin.Plugin c = (myplugin.Plugin) x.newInstance(); above line works fine with Java 1.4.1 and 1.4.1_01 but not with Jet Professional 2.51 and 3.0 error --> java.lang.ClassCastException: myplugin.P1 ---- Pligin1 class ------------------------------ [tt] package myplugin; public class P1 implements Plugin{ public P1() { } public int getValue(){ System.err.println("invoked P1"); return 5; } public void init(){ System.err.println("Hi, I'm P1"); } } --------- Plugin interface ---------- package myplugin; public interface Plugin { public void init(); } ----- Main (parent) class ------------ package myapp; import myplugin.*; public class parent { public parent() { try { String[] files = {"myplugin.P1","myplugin.P2"}; for (int i = 0; i < files.length; i++) { Class x = Class.forName(files); System.err.println("loaded : " + x.getName()); myplugin.Plugin c = (myplugin.Plugin) x.newInstance(); c.init(); c=null; } } catch (Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); } } public static void main(String[] args) { parent parent1 = new parent(); } } Both P1 and P2 classes are similar except system.outs [/tt] This is how I implemented the Jet compiled version I created the parent EXE with parent.class and Plugin.class Created 2 dlls P1.dll --> P1.class, Plugin.class P2.dll --> P2.class, Plugin.class I can see dlls loading with class.forname() but the casting in step 2 above fails when using dlls. But it works without a problem if I create a single application with all classes. Is this a bug or is it that I do not know how to create DLLs. Please help [tt] --- Project files ------- P1.prj -GENDLL+ -DLLNAME=P1 -lookup=*.class=..\classes !module myplugin/P1 -------------------------------- parent.prj -main=myapp/parent -lookup=*.class=..\classes [/tt]
  13. uditha

    WIN95 Problem

    Does u r application loads halfway and then get stuck? I had the same problem with win98. U must remove all System.out's from u'r application before u jet compile it. Cos' jet get stuck if u have those under win98 (may be it is the same prob u r experiencein in 95) Uditha
  14. uditha

    stdout/stderr redirect

    Redirect the stdout and the error-out to files from the java source. try { System.setOut(new PrintStream(new FileOutputStream("TWOut.txt"))); System.setErr(new PrintStream(new FileOutputStream("TWErr.txt"))); } catch(Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } If you do not want files to be accumulated, use your own PrintStream with all methods overridden not to write.